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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Who is Teen Kayla? Well, she is a cute 18-year-old girl with braces that she swears are coming off next year. She's a girl who loves steak with all the trimmings, margaritas, wine coolers and the movie "Top Gun." Her favorite sexual position is on top and she loves to 69 when she's with another girl. Some of her turn-ons include guy's eyes, cuddling and dancing, while a big turn-off is stinky people.

You might wonder why I'm reciting all this and I'll give you two reasons. The first is because all this info gives you a good sense of the kind of young, sweet and sexy innocence TeenKayla is bringing to the table. The second reason is that there really isn't much else to tell you about the site.

You only get six videos and while that number has increased since the site last underwent a redesign in June 2013, the videos still show her from when she was 18. I wouldn't go as far as to say this is content rotation, so much as they never bothered uploading the last two vids until they finally re-encoded them for the redesign. In other words, don't expect them to update again.

You can download the vids in Windows Media files and two MP4 files, one of which is meant for your mobile devices. The larger MP4 and the WMV are both great in quality and while the JW Player has an HD option, both it and the default are nothing to write home about.

One masturbation scene is broken up into three parts and another is broken up into two, while the rest are all full-length files. One of the movies follows her in the shower, one shows some footage from the photo shoots and another has her roleplaying as a detective before she strips out of her trenchcoat.

Kayla does offer a bit more in the photos department with 34 picture sets. The images are high-res, but, like the videos, that's about the same amount that was here on all our previous visits. In fact, it's actually one less. Each set can now be saved in a Zip file.

The current design is much sleeker than its previous incarnations, but that's about all it offers. Although I doubt you'd need it on such a small site, you can't sort the scenes or use keyword tags, nor can you rate the scenes or leave comments. It's super easy to navigate, though.

After you finish watching Teen Kayla in all her scenes, you're free to take a look at the rest of the Teen Flood network. It's home to a bunch of similar sites like Teen Autumn, Teen Larissa and Teen Chloe. In my opinion, this site does not give you enough porn for the price they're charging.

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