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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Everyone knows that you call Batman when you need someone to fight crime and battle super-villains, but who do you call when you're in need of ass porn and you're far away from your computer? The answer, dear readers, is Buttman. You can reach his website Buttman Mobile using a portable device, so there's no need to bring a Butt-signal with you wherever you go.

The scenes on ButtmanMobile come from DVD releases like "A View to a Gape," "Ass Madness" and "Stretch Class," so it's possible that you've already seen some of them before. Still, with 811 scenes, it's highly unlikely that you've seen every single video.

The movies are spread across numerous pages and each one is represented by a good-sized thumbnail that gives you an indication of what the scene is about. The design makes scrolling through the pages on a mobile device relatively painless, but there's no way to skip to a specific page. If you have an idea of what you want to see in a scene, you might be better off using the keyword tags.

As you might expect, it's quite common to see the girls showing off their asses and frequently sliding things into their butts as well. Of course, there's plenty of anal sex too. All in all, the flicks are great if you're someone who loves hot rears and they often look quite good when viewed on mobile devices.

There aren't any pictures, but you do get bonus access to the non-mobile version, Buttman. It's a site that has just as many movies as well as photo sets. You can also use it to access a lot of other sites that give you a ton of fun porn to keep busy with while you wait for the next update to appear. They can be pretty infrequent at times, but at this point there have been 20 in the last month.

Though not perfect, Buttman Mobile is a good website for ass lovers. It may have some problems, but you can still feel good about giving the site a look, especially if you often find yourself with an urge to check out butt porn while you're out and about.

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