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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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If you've never been to Asia, I can tell you that it can be a unique experience indeed. Women will approach you rather aggressively in some parts of town looking for "dates" and despite the quotation marks, they may rather sincerely not be looking for anything quite so blatantly crass as cash for their company. However, with men hocking replica watches and medication to aid sexual issues, like real-life spam, it's clear that you're merely expected to keep time between sexy appointments.

In the case of LB Girlfriends, you'll meet the kind of ladyboys that you imagine paying a bar fine to the local proprietor of a go-go bar in order to take them away from an evening of playing hostess to the other patrons to spend some intimate time with you in private. To be frank, you'd probably know that the go-go girls here were chicks with dicks, but to a stranger in the street the truth might not be obvious.

Videos are added once a week and you'll already find a good amount of content. You can check out 158 videos and they give you high-def playback for the most part. Even those that aren't HD are still great in quality. You will also find MP4s for portable devices as well as the option to stream the videos. You can also download the 183 photo sets in Zip files and they contain high-res pics.

You will see a mix of mostly solo action with some handjobs, blowjobs and even some fucking ending in a creampie in at least one instance. Now, some of the Tgirls are less ladyboy material and more simply femmeboys with only little nubs of breasts.

Being Thai though, even without a lot of body work, they are very feminine transsexuals. When you sometimes see the cameraman's comparatively large white hand placed on one of them in an interracial POV scene then you'll realize how petite they are.

Along with your membership to LB Girlfriends, you get full access to all the episodes on Ladyboy Gold and Ladyboys Fucked Bareback, both of which are updating their content. They will definitely please you given they fall into the same niche. All in all, the site is worth the investment and the price is competitive.


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