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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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His First Facial isn't some confessional for overwrought metrosexuals dealing with first-time fallout from over-exfoliation. However, the guy in the banner across the top does look extremely pained to have a face full of Elmer's glue, or what could be sperm produced by someone eating paste.

At any rate, the 24 videos provide high-def playback. HisFirstFacial employs a download limit, though, and you can only save 15 movies on this site as well as for the many other sites that make up the Male Spectrum Pass network. Obviously, you'll use those up in no time, because I don't mean 15 for each of the bonus sites, but rather across the whole kit and caboodle.

Still, if you join for multiple months you get a new 15 downloads at the start of each month. Just be aware that you can't save them up. You do lose them at the end of the month if they're not used. Remaining a member for over a year will grant you 50 monthly downloads. There's a handy download counter, so you can tell when you're getting low and when to be choosy with what you save.

There are also 24 photo galleries, which show the action unfolding frame-by-frame. There are tons of pics for each of the scenes. None of them are huge, but they all look pretty good. However, you'll probably end up watching all the movies anyway, so I'm not sure you need to preview the action that much.

The site has shrunk in size and they don't list any recent updates. Even if they do start showing current additions again, it will be safe to bet that they won't be new scenes, but merely old ones being added. Thankfully there are a decent number of extra sites that you can visit, including His First Gay Sex, His First Huge Cock, Hot Muscle Dudes, Gay College Sex Parties and Gay Blind Date Sex. These too tend to be rotating content, but do bring you loads of additional scenes.

I don't see that many sites dedicated to facials alone in the world of gay porn. Then again, I do see lots of hardcore blowjobs and anal sex that end up with a guy's face covered in cum at the end anyway. After all, you'll see fucking as well as sucking as part of the scenes here, not just handjobs and creamed faces. So all in all, His First Facial doesn't fill a niche so unique that it can justify its modest size or its monthly download limit.

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