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According to the online Wikipedia, "Historically, a Tawaif was a courtesan of the Muslim noble classes in South Asia, particularly during the Mughal era. They were known to be very knowledgeable in North Indian forms of singing, dance (usually kathak), and Urdu poetry. They were generally regarded to be highly educated, erudite ladies, and the high-class tawaifs could often pick and choose between the best of their suitors. Today, the term in Urdu is almost synonymous with prostitute."

To be honest, this helped a little because I went into this site having no idea what I was getting. Tawaif is an interesting site and one that is somewhat hard to review, because I have never seen anything else like it online so if this is what you're looking for then you don't really have much choice. How about we start with what "it" is.

The site features movies banned in Pakistan. Sounds pretty hot right? I mean we always like stuff that's been banned. However if you, like I, were thinking that the stuff was banned because of raunchy sexual content then you, like I, would be very wrong. To put it simply, the site contains videos of women dancing.

Right now, there are 787 movies and that's a lot more than there were the last time we gave the website a look. Oddly enough, it looks as though the content was all recently added, so it's a little tough to get a grasp on the actual update schedule. Looking at the list of upcoming videos and their corresponding dates, it would appear as though you can expect two updates in a month, but with multiple films being added on both dates.

You will see some exposed breasts in a few of the scenes, but that's the extent of the nakeness you get. With that in mind, you have to be prepared to settle for watching admittedly beautiful women in native garb dancing for your viewing pleasure.

If you're cool with that, then you might really enjoy the flicks which, by the way, can be downloaded Windows Media files, MPEGs or DivX formatted AVIs. The movies vary in quality, but some of them offer great-quality playback.

Sadly, there are no photos or even vid caps to go along with the films. There aren't any bonus sites to explore either. Despite these problems, Tawaif remains a website that's worth a look. It's inexpensive, gives you a lot of great movies and offers something that few other do.

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