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Updated on: 05/07/2016

Satine Von Stratten  

By: Satine Von Stratten
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  • The site continues to update once a week and they've added 25 new videos and photo sets.

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Who hasn't heard of DogFart? If that name means nothing to you, it's about time you became familiar with it. These black dudes have been around for quite a while, fucking every white chick who comes their way. Blacks On Blondes is one of their hardcore interracial sex sites and it's also one of the oldest and biggest. The performers include both amateurs and professionals.

If I could give you one reason to join BlacksOnBlondes, it'd be the huge amount of content - the archive is immense! Which is an advantage older sites have over newer ones. Currently you'll find 735videos. The flicks are high in quality and even the oldest ones offer great-quality playback.

The ones being posted nowadays are even more impressive in Full HD. All the movies can be streamed in an embedded Flash player too. In the past, you could choose between clips and full-length scenes, but these days they're only offered as full movies.

You'll see babes of all kinds, from fresh-faced and slim to a bit older and curvier. I will warn you, though, that they seem to have strayed from the site's theme and not all of the gals are blonde. You'll see some brunettes in the mix, but, hey, they still have creamy white skin (except for some spray-on tans) that gets covered in something else that's creamy white.

There are 735 photo galleries too. Many of the sets come with high-res images that can be downloaded in Zip files. Most of the spreads replay the action in almost frame-by-frame detail, so you won't miss a second of these intense ebony-on-ivory matchups.

You can count on getting new content every seven days. You can also count on getting access to the other sites that make up the Dogfart Network. Spring Thomas,Glory Hole and Watching My Mom Go Black are just a few. Most of the network is focused on black dudes fucking white chicks.

You're getting a ton of movies, photos and theme-appropriate extras here, making this site a large interracial-loving experience. Blacks On Blondes is big, still growing and the content is high in quality. It's definitely worth your time and money.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: guy

    Score: 75% Date: 07/26/2015

    Okay: Pros are the obvious ones: Great looking black and white models. great video quality. easy navigation, unlimited downloading, etc.

    The cons are significant and reflect a complaint I've been making for years. Most porn sites like Black on Blondes keep showing the same old boring shit. gang bangs with huge dicks and lot of throat gagging, pile driving action. This site fails to show what sites like Sweet Sinner and Blacked now show. ACTORS KISSING. Deep, soulful, hot erotic, face sucking. That's the most erotic sexual turn on of all. Most porn is so boring today. hour after hour of large cocks choking women's throats (oh how sexy!) and 5 guy gang bangs where the actors aren't even looking at each other. There's no intimacy. The owners of these sites may be generating a lot of revenue but they don't get it! Show some passion in your scenes for pete sakes. You'll get many more viewers.

  • Comment by: dashhart

    Score: 75% Date: 11/28/2014

    Another amazing site ruined by the camera work. The idiot behind the cam really need to take his ADD medication before he shoots. Seriously dude, stand still, the guy is constantly moving every couple of seconds, you almost get sick like watching someones shitty home vacation video. A tripod sitting in the corner would do a better job. Other then that, quality, and content is great

  • Comment by: Sascha

    Score: 95% Date: 11/06/2014

    Best interracial pornsite ever. Full HD, ziped hi-res pics...all I want.

  • Comment by: Jaybones

    Score: 40% Date: 09/21/2014

    I have been a member of ALOT of porn sites over the years, and this one is fucking lame. 98% of every single scene has some retarded cheezball storyline, and the dudes seriously cum like 1 or 2 drops. Ya know the movie white boys cant jump? Well black boys cant cum. The "potential" of this site is through the roof.... its just a shame they are idiots. If they just ditched the lame ass story line and just brought a bitch into the room, do a quick interview, and then run a raw, real, hardcore gangbang on her ass, this site would have been in my top 3 sites ever. Put it this way, there are 1000's of videos to download, and I saved 10. Save your money until they someday stop clowning around and keep it raw and real.

  • Comment by: LawDawg

    Score: 90% Date: 07/21/2014

    This site delivers what it promises, circuit girls, and some unique to the site, doing black guys. If you are into that, you will like this site. Judging solely on what it promises, it is a great niche site for that.

  • Comment by: Will

    Score: 20% Date: 02/16/2014

    The pros of this site is that there are a lot of videos the cons are once you have seen one of them you have seen them all. The girls look bored and over act in every seen and the worst part is the sex scenes focus more on the dudes cock then the girls

  • Comment by: lambo2101

    Score: 95% Date: 04/29/2013

    I originally signed up so I can download spring thomas scenes; however I was quite pleased with the whole site in general. Downloading was simple and easy. Navigation was great. The older scenes aren't hi-def but 80% of the scenes have good quality. And no partial clips bs, in that you can download complete scenes, because im noticing that many sites always break up scenes into clips. This site in general was fantastic. For the people who reviewed it and said they got ripped off... well you're a moron for not seeing cross-checks.

  • Comment by: Roger Been

    Score: 65% Date: 02/16/2013

    TOO LITTLE UPDATES !! For a member whos never been to this site its huge but old members...awfall!!! Not worth signing up fpr old members.Iv been a member for about 30times so I know.And they dont keep up "modern"porn its to ordinary,far away hot-hardcore! missing light-settings lots of dark scenes & shadows,hard to see whats going on and details. 65of100.

  • Comment by: jason

    Score: 60% Date: 01/29/2013

    Trial is a LIMITED trial.

    "Trial Memberships Have Access To The First 3 Scenes Of The Site You Joined."
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:01/29/2013): Thanks for the comment, Jason. The review is due for an update, but we'll get this confirmed and make the approrpiate corrections.

  • Comment by: tonguey

    Score: 99% Date: 12/07/2012

    Well, I can only 2nd Rabbits great review. As a steady member for about 3 years, it is THE place for interracial and great porn. Blacks on blondes is the flagship site of the network, but know that the 20 plus sites you gain access to are all only slightly less of a flagship site. It is like joining 20 plus super sites for the fair price of one damn near perfect site.

    The other sites get into some specific fetishes that are common interests for interracial fans, although they often come up in the Blacks on blondes site as well. There is great gay/lesbian, dominant/submissive, cuckoldry, various interracial and hardcore hetero content. The ladies and gentlemen are all hot and of all shapes and sizes. Lots of famous faves and so many updates.

    Rabbits review is spot on, it is MASSIVE! When you sign up, if you have a lot of time you could come up with some things you might like to see them address. I did and guess what, it showed up in the very next update! They are a great business.

    I would like to see them add a slide show capability to their Hi Rez picture section. Any additions or upgrades they make will just be more icing on the cake! If you love interracial, you will enjoy being a member of this super high quality, top notch website and the equally awesome bonus sites!

  • Comment by: John McMorgan

    Score: 82% Date: 08/28/2012

    DF Network don't seem to rely on the same roster of 'stars' to do scene after scene (ala Brazzers). There's a good mix of naturally endowed girls as well as the 'plastic fantastic'. Personally, I think the site scores most with some seriously sexy Cougars and Housewives altho having a 'son' / 'father' hanging around in some scenes is a turn-off - not my bag. Minimal choking and spitting which is a bonus but MAC users beware, most files are WMV. I couldn't download the MP4's so now have to convert everything which is a royal pain and takes twice as long - unacceptable in 2012. Hopefully they'll sort this out soon - but the current review is misleading.

  • Comment by: Boatman

    Score: 90% Date: 03/01/2012

    This site is superb! Generally, the c**ks are huge and the girls' mouths are often too small to fit them in comfortably, so the contrast between black and white, big and small, is stark and exciting, for example the Amai Liu MMF scene, and the Tweety Valentine MMF scene.

    This site (and the network in general) is perfect for anyone who loves interracial hardcore or hardcore in general, it has about 15 years worth of updates under its belt, and updates frequently enough to keep even the most insatiable member entertained indefinitely! Even the sites that are no longer updating will keep you going for a very long time, especially ruth blackwell! The network also has great value for money!

    Blacks on blondes (and Dogfart) is definitely not for anyone who loves girl/girl interaction, because there is a distinct shortage of that! Otherwise - first class site!

    Incidentally, I was a member for quite a few months and did not encounter any of the technical problems that some other users have mentioned!

  • Comment by: RipoffReport

    Score: N/A Date: 11/30/2011

    Fraud Alert! Just got charged over $200 in fraudulent charges on this site through Don't give them your credit card number and CCBill does not help. They use a fraud site called to add the extra charges to your account. Too bad the content is good but you will get ripped off!

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/05/2011): Thanks for the comment, RR! As stated in the info box above, this site does have a cross sale. But $200 would surprise me, unless you didn't think to check your bill for a few months? Feel free to drop us a line if you have more info!

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:01/31/2013): We contacted Dog Fart Live and here is their response:
    "DogfartLive is our white label site for Streamate cams. If he didn't spend the $200 on that site and contacted me I would have had Streamate immediately credit the person back. We have been in business for 16 years straight and most of our customers are repeat business, we would never rip anyone off.
    This person never contacted us. If they contacted us even now I can get streamate to credit their account back".

  • Comment by: bigtex

    Score: 99% Date: 10/01/2011

    Zipped photo sets (Hi Def) Many sites and lots of updates. Best site interracial, or otherwise on the internet.
    only con about the site is lack of updated scene information for non-members

  • Comment by: Escalade

    Score: 70% Date: 09/16/2011

    Years ago this was my first site that I joined. Was outrageous, great scenes, great girls and guys. Have come back through the years, gone are the great vids, never did like the teaser vids (partial video every day), accentuated the negative and tamed down the sex.
    Come on dudes you pulled a netflix and charged more and gave less. Get back to the basics. Raunchy sex and big dicks.

  • Comment by: vet

    Score: 70% Date: 07/08/2011

    I have been a member off and on over the years. In the past I never experienced a download problem with this site. Since my partner and I are into swinging, we burn some videos for parties. Lately I have had nothing but problems downloading and burning to a dvd. The girls are great and the sex especially the older videos is fabulous but beware of the problems.

  • Comment by: CharlieSheen

    Score: 50% Date: 06/29/2011

    This site has the biggest and best content but it still has a lot of technical problems. It has always had a problem with dropping downloads because of bad verification software. The new HD downloads are great but rarely work and the speeds get throttled and downloads take hours. Its not worth the hassle of paying $35 a month for content that you can not download most of the time. Great content but they need to hire a good IT guy to make this site work better. I would give it a 100 if they fix the bad downloads.

  • Comment by: mensys

    Score: 1% Date: 02/14/2011

    best,,,and best of the best

  • Comment by: Catherine

    Score: 20% Date: 02/11/2011

    Dis is fuckin sexy

  • Comment by: Big Tex

    Score: 98% Date: 11/25/2010

    best Interracial site bar none- great photos as well as multiple sites all of equal quility, updates regularly

  • Comment by: Seal Klum

    Score: 100% Date: 08/11/2010

    The number 1 site for all interracial fans, that's for sure!

  • Comment by: somjit

    Score: 100% Date: 06/11/2010


  • Comment by: shawn

    Score: 85% Date: 03/25/2010

    Good site, tons of content but yeah the older stuff is raunchier. If you like pro interracial sex I would say this is your site. They do have some lame cuckold stuff so be warned. Very good site, I am just so burned out on interracial porn(bm/wf) at this point
    and its gotten way too racial. Just fuck people.

  • Comment by: eric

    Score: 20% Date: 03/21/2010

    Nice girls etc - but lame.

  • Comment by: Great Fans Of Nikki Sinn

    Score: 25% Date: 08/08/2009

    Nikki Sinn Is Back In The Fold After Several Years Away!Whats are Chances Of Seeing Nikki Sinn Being Manhandle By Several Back Cocks At Once!Nikki Has Great Assets On Camera! Hey Guys Check Nikki Sinn Out At Naughty America! She's a HOTTIE bOYS..........................

  • Comment by: Tony

    Score: 100% Date: 05/31/2009

    Very good deal for this site, 14 websites in all when you join this one site.

  • Comment by: Mal

    Score: 90% Date: 01/10/2009

    My one quibble - the recent high quality vids are much tamer as far as content goes. There is rarely any anal in a gangbang scene and most of the guys do the girls one at a time as opposed to a true gangbang.. The raunchiest and hottest stuff on this site is the older material which is NOT high quality as far as resolution goes...

  • Comment by: Loman

    Score: 100% Date: 12/19/2008

    This is THE BEST sex site on the internet. The picture and video quality is incredible and women are hot and freaky. No BS, no download limits. It costs a little more than other crappy sites (like GB squad) but is well worth the price.

  • Comment by: S

    Score: 75% Date: 12/16/2008

    good sets, but just join for a month and download them all. no need to maintain membership.

  • Comment by: Arctic King

    Score: 75% Date: 11/01/2008

    This is just an average site. There is a lot of content but the quality is Average at best. This is definitely not the best Interacial pornsite available.