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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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"There's more to France than cheese and wine," at least that's What French Girls Know. Considering that I can't think of any other type of kiss that's named after a people, I'm sure they know a whole lot more than they let on and they're bound to give us a taste.

The French have always been fascinating to me. There's a romantic allure to the history, culture and especially to French sexuality since all my favorite erotic writers seem to come from this country. Eroticism and hardcore can both be found on WhatFrenchGirlsKnow and they give it with a dose of reality.

The site design is not as elaborate as I had hoped, but it's a simple navigation through a four-option menu that includes news, contacts and a map of Paris. The only selections that contain what I'm looking for is the video option.

Once linked to the videos, there are three areas that you can choose. The French babes section contains 32 softcore, erotic films of solo and babe-on-babe scenes. The second option is "the real thing" and it houses 34 sequences with a variety of hardcore. There's no one specialty, so you won't be getting a case of deja vu from episode to episode.

What you'll find are gal/guy fucking, gangbangs, blowjobs, a tranny scene, anal and even a libertine party. "Strip car" is the last video section and the 10 videos are a kinky reality concept featuring a limo, a couple, a stripper and a game show host. In all, you get access to 76 videos.

Since we checked out this site a little over a year ago, they've added nothing. In fact, from the dates, it appears as though they haven't updated since 2006. I forgot to mention before that there are four photo galleries available in high-res formats, but they are a little more grainy that one would expect.

The movies are downloadable and offered as full movies rather than a series of small clips. The files are quite large, so this may pose a problem for those with low-speed connections, but in the end, they're worth the wait.

Movies are available as stellar-quality MPEGs or as good-looking Windows Media files. While there's little need for subtitles in the erotic and hardcore videos, this site does provide English for the strip car game shows. Curiosity got the better of me and I watched a 20-minute game show video.

The lead-up was fun, with sex-related questions being fired at the couple and each time something was answered correctly by one person, the other had to strip down. When the action got going, though, the scenes practically steamed up the camera lens! The camera work was good and the editing specifically suited this video to speed up the stripping process.

What French Girls Know is no longer strictly a video site. There's a bit of everything for everyone here and the videos were as playful as they were a sizzling turn-on. Nevertheless, with the lack of updates, this site isn't worth the money.

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