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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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What's in a name? Apparently, nothing at Euro Soft Babes, since as far as I can tell many of the ladies look about as much European as my last fast food hamburger combo looked like haute cuisine. Secondly, 'soft' made me think of solo posing photos, what is on the site is mixture of solo and male-on-female action with no photos at all. I'll say this in defense of its nomenclature - it does have some babes on it, whatever their countries of origin and their sexual proclivities.

Now, I reviewed another site from the same network recently and must admit I was harsh. However, I had many frustrations with EuroSoftBabes, so although this time around I will try not to get so up in arms, I will say many of my complaints about the last site are legitimate here as well. First of all, I already said there were no photos, nevertheless there are earlier updates clearly marked "picture sets (coming really soon)."

Obviously, we're left with only video content, so one would hope to be blown away by it somehow. There are 36 episodes available at this point, which is three less than were here ten months ago. All the videos are streaming-only, and I did have some problems getting some of them to work.

When they do work, the most recent episodes stream in what should be good Windows Media format. I said should be good since I don't know if it's poor camera work or what, but despite the stats that seem to be accurate, the images are slightly blurry and out of focus.

As a member, you immediately get access to 28 other sites, 1,100 streaming bonus videos, and dozens of third party site links. This is a great selection of bonus material - it's a real shame that there are no downloads in sight.

Personally, more content like Euro Soft Babes is offering isn't much of an enticement. Problematic streaming videos, lack of advertised photos and a low amount of content generally don't make we want to tell anyone to run out and sign up for this site.

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