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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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*** July 2006 update: I guess they were got off by their dealer because the Beaver Bong guys haven't produced a new video since we last visited the site 8 months ago. Maybe they got too high and forgot they ran a website, but assuming you are sober, this minimal content site isn't worth your money. For what they are charging you can find a better site with more and better quality content and have some cash left over to fill your own bong. *** 

I have often felt like I've seen it all on this job. You get a little bit complacent and think there's no new sin under the sun as they used to teach at my bible camp. However, every once and awhile you stumble across something new, not necessarily brilliant but novel nevertheless. It's sex not rocket science so you've got to cut folks some slack. Speaking of slack or at least slackers brings us to Beaver Bong.

Yes, besides the beautiful use of alliteration in the name, BeaverBong literally features a so-called stag-team of stoners who have a bong that they insert into the pussies of pretty potheads. It's somewhat odd to watch a bunch of guys and normally a gal or two, sitting round taking tokes out of some chick's vagina, but that the premise, man. I'm telling you the straight dope, dudes.

Currently, members area hosts nine episodes each coming with a set or two of regular resolution photos and three clips per bong babe. The downloadable video options include QuickTime, RealPlayer and MPEG. Additionally, there's a low quality Windows Media format for 56K modems. Each clip runs from about 4-11 minutes long, so in total there's generally about 20-30 minutes worth of action per sexy stoner.

Now if you were wondering what else happens beyond the Mary Jane toke-tube stuck between vulvas, let me assure you, it's hardcore all the way. There's cock sucking, plenty of raw fucking and as if in answer to the inevitable munchies that follow a good smoke of the ganja, there's normally a nice cream pie served up at the end or at least a creamy facial that many of these ladies like to swallow.

Bonus content includes four full-episodes taken from five other sites within the same network. Extras include some XXX comics and the High Times. Beaver Bong needs more content and I'm not altogether sure why they've decided to be so stingy with the bonus content, instead of giving full-access; but hey, weed's not cheap I guess.

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