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Updated on: 12/17/2014

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1376
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Since we last visited BrutalCBT...

  • The site's been redesigned and looks a lot better, with most of the video parts now in order, but the pagination is limited.
  • There's a little more content, but the infrequent updating is still a big problem. Another big problem is that the videos are still low in quality.

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The first image that caught my eye when I signed into Brutal CBT was of a penis with red spots all over it and a knife being held to the shaft. It turns out that the red stuff wasn't blood like I initially thought, but rather candle wax. Some of you might get turned on by genital mutilation, so read on.

For all of you out there who don't know, CBT stands for "cock and ball torture" and on BrutalCBT that's exactly what you get. (Do you really need the brutal in the sitename? I mean, is there such a thing as sweet and loving cock-and-ball torture?)

Members are treated to 62 photo sets of women torturing men's cocks and balls. They use clamps, hair clips, candle wax, rope and clothespins and I even saw a guy getting his ball sack nailed to a piece of wood. The pics are low-res, but generally pretty clear and the sets come with an average of 85 images each.

The video section contains full-length movies and clips. There are about 200 videos with hardcore CBT. In one 10-minute video called "Lana's Fun," a babe ties up a guy's nuts with rope and has fun pulling and kicking them. She even makes him hold the end of the rope in his mouth, keeping it tight while she takes shots at his dick.

The movies are available for download in MP4s that are below-average in quality. The older scenes are labeled as having "medium quality" while newer scenes also have a "high quality" option. However, there's no difference between the two other than their screen sizes. You also get 3GP files for your older mobile devices and you can stream the vids in an embedded player.

They've improved the site's design since our last visit and gotten rid of all those ugly text links. The last few pages of videos is where you'll find a lot of the movies divided into parts. Before, most of them weren't in order and it was pretty hard to find a full movie. Now, however, most of the parts are in order and if they're not then they're usually on the same page not far from each other. They've added page numbers, but you can't see all of them all the time - they just show you 10 at a time.

You get some erotic stories to peruse and there are extra movies in all kinds of niches in the "full movies" section. You also can access 24 Fetish Pack bonus sites, including Pantyhose Dolls, Strapon Slaves, Nylon Divas, Women Who Punish and Trampling World.

The state of updates is bleak, though. They recently added a new movie, but in the last five months they've only added a total of nine videos. As it stands, the quality is what really hurts the score onBrutal CBT.


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  • Comment by: cbtok

    Score: 50% Date: 01/29/2010

    Unfortunately, this site has been, essentially, taken over by "FetishPack." As such, these videos were last updated one year ago. There is a pretty good collection of videos there, but the only things that are added are complete DVD downloads where you get four each month in a very small format.

    So if you want to see their vintage material and you know in advance that they won't be updating, the videos here are pretty good. But they're not apparently updating anything.