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Australian twinks and jocks strip and stroke off. Whether bi curious or simply gay, some of them mess around with each other or get blown by older men, often through glory holes. You'll even see some hardcore anal sex. The latest vids come in Full HD, but many of the older ones look good at least. Joining is expensive, but the monthly rebill is reasonable.

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Will Peters

Review done by Will Peters

Published Sep 03, 2005

Pros and Cons

  • newest videos come in Full HD
  • good design and navigation
  • cheaper monthly rebill
  • streams have to load before skipping
  • some nonexclusive content
  • no advanced search

I used to want to take a trip to Australia and then I learned how long it takes to get there from North America. (I'm not a good flyer without some Ativan and more than a few mini bottles of vodka.) Once I took a look at All Australian Boys, though, I was on the phone asking my doc to fill up that prescription. I'm ready to go (and cum) Down Under!

After signing in you need to go through the "models" section to see everything AllAustralianBoys has to offer. This section has hundreds of pictures of guys and each image links to a fellow's videos and photos. Some dudes appear in a few movies, while others don't appear in any. It seems at first as if you'll never know how much content a model has to share with you until you check out his profile page.

However, I figured out that there actually is a rhyme and reason to the otherwise randomly seeming design, with the use of three different sizes of thumbnails. First off, the largest thumbnails at the top are guys who have a photo set plus three videos: an interview, a solo or hardcore shoot and behind-the-scenes footage.

Then you have the midsized thumbs (in the middle of the page) and they seem to bring you a photo set along with two vids: an interview and a look "behind the scenes" that sometimes shows you a money shot. Towards the bottom you will see the smallest thumbnails and they bring you either a set of pics with a video, or simply some photos without any video.

All told I’d say that there are about 895 videos and that seems like a fairly accurate estimate. When it comes to the pics, no calculations are necessary because as far as I can tell, each model has one set (although it may mix pics and vid caps), giving you 642 photo sets.

The flicks can often be streamed and downloaded, but you should know that they come in different formats and vary in quality. The newest movies come in Full HD, but then you've got a lot that are good in quality. Still, they look so much better than some of the poor-quality offerings that date from a few years back.

Some scenes are tame and simply show hunky guys being interviewed or jerking off, but others are raunchy. You can catch great glory hole action and see studs giving head and fucking until it's time to get coated with cum. It isn't uncommon to see older men blowing much younger models. There's also some action that focuses in on feet.

New content continues to be added to the collection on a weekly schedule, although only the latest two additions are actually dated. At any rate, there's certainly more than enough to get you started. If you've got a taste for hunky Aussie guys, you should consider a membership to All Australian Boys. Just note that the price is on the higher end, but the rebill is cheaper.

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  • By Me on Sep 12, 2010

    If you're not in the mood to watch a sexy aussie getting a lousy BJ from residents of the local retirement home I'd pass right on by. I was hesitant about that from the previews but took the chance, I lost. One of the first videos made me nauseous when a rather large, rather old, very naked man came waddling down the hall toward a nice young guy. Ugh. Some really nice looking models, some ok. Not fun watching the older guys slurping, sweating and grunting in the Creepy Dark Trollbox. The movies are listed in one long page which can be confusing when downloading. The video quality is ok, not good. Apparently there's a download limit as I'm locked out already, just trying to find something reasonably hot. Didn't happen. For a premium price I expected much more.

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