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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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All right, I've had just about all I can take of these naked straight guys on Next Door Male. I've always guffawed at the concept of getting off on guys labeled straight and saw it as a ploy. Times have changed, apparently, and this site is proof. You can even visit it from a mobile device if you like.

The new breed of metrosexual straight male has a charm surpassing mere sexual orientation. Sure, they might slip a gay fellow or two into the pile, but who can tell the difference nowadays? All the men on NextDoorMale are exceptionally hot either way. You can check them out in 525 movies that can be downloaded in Windows Media and MP4 files (these can also be streamed). You'll find tons in HD while older ones are still worthwhile.

The scenes last from 12 to 20 minutes and that's not half-bad for a solo site. They show us these studs all on their lonesome, stripping down and then masturbating for our viewing pleasure. For example, the first tasty stallion I saw jerked off two thick loads in short order. One could almost imagine licking that sweet, sticky treat off his rippling abs.

In the 523 photo galleries, we visit one fine neighborhood as these amateur guys are not average looking in my books. Each set can be viewed in a slideshow. They feature partially clothed softcore posing as well as fully naked and completely erect guys. The photos have improved over time (in earlier updates, the pics weren't too impressive, but now you'll find high-res sets).

One complaint I have has to do with the site navigation. You see, when browsing through the movie section I can only jump ahead a few pages at a time or right to the last page. This makes for lots of extra clicking in order to get through the middle pages or to any one page in particular.

Too often in gay porn, a guy, however average looking, will get booked as long as he works out eight days a week on steroids. He also could succeed if he has a malnourished physique that passes for 18 when he's really somewhere in his 20s. There are too many muscle-heads and skinny, pimply faced dudes for my liking. This site gives you a bit more variety than that, although some do fit that profile.

Updates are weekly and you also get bonus sites from the Next Door World network. You'll find gay, bi and gay-for-pay performers on Tommy D XXX, Cody Cummings, Next Door Buddies and Mason Wyler. Overall, Next Door Male is definitely a masturbation site worth joining.


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