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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Lust Comics is a site that should inspire your imagination with some amazingly realistic art, fantastic stories, comics and hentai, but it doesn't. It's always sad to see a site that has a great deal of potential, but just doesn't reach it.

The LustComics homepage is easy to navigate, but the picture area is not so simple. Aside from bonus photos, there are four categories from which to choose: art, hentai, stories and comics. All told, you'll find 301 image sets and these come with medium-res pics that actually look pretty good. Sadly, it appears as though they're rotating content, because the dates change, but the overall amount of content remains pretty much the same.

The art section includes a superimposed blend of Satan and alien figures having sex with photographed men and women. Some of these pictures are terrific and some of the Photoshop work I could take or leave. The hentai category offers one larger set of images and again some of the drawings are fantastic. However, I was not sure if this was a complete set or a series of mini-sets because even watching the slideshow, I couldn't follow any kind of consistent storyline or series of hentai pictures.

Stories and comics had more rhyme, but the organization of the categories had little reason. They come grouped into several sub-sections, each with a preview thumbnail. However, almost every sub-section is then broken down into more sub-sections with anywhere from 1 to 24 galleries and absolutely nothing indicating why one gallery would be in one sub-section over another. Some stories were good, some drawings were amazing and others were just plain ridiculous.

I much preferred the comics section, but its organization was very confusing and the pictures ranged from a paltry size that you could barely see to a much more reasonable size. I have to admit that I was totally blown away by some of the comic art and I read a number of solid stories. However, I have seen better comics.

There are over 50 bonus sites including three working bonus toon sites: Hentai Mania, Evil Comics and Sex On Hawaii. Other extras include a large set of pics and an archive of downloadable DVDs with live-action porn. These DVDs are the only movies at your disposal because there aren't any videos here.

The bonus material adds value to a membership, but that doesn't change the fact that the site isn't getting any bigger. You might want to give Lust Comics a look if you love sexy art and erotic comics, but you probably won't stick around indefinitely.

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