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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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With a black background and pictures of panties being ripped off babes with scared looks on their beautifully drawn faces, the tour page on Evil Comics seemed to really live up to its name. Too bad the rest of the site does not really deliver much evilness, unless you consider rotating content truly diabolical rather than merely misleading to new members.

You see, even though EvilComics seems to be updating, the website isn't getting any bigger. There are tens of thousands of individual images right now and it's been that way for quite some time. These pics can be found in 381 galleries and you can download the decent-looking images in Zip files.

The sizes vary set to set and sometimes an individual gallery will have numerous pics of different sizes in them, but most of the pics are medium-res. The most common dimensions I found were (720x480), (600x360) and (800x600), with the majority being the largest of those three sizes.

There aren't any videos, but that shouldn't be too shocking considering that we're dealing with a comic site here. At any rate, the comics are no more "evil" than they were before. Sure, there are BDSM comics and incredibly well-drawn pictures of chicks being penetrated by evil-looking creatures. However, there is also standard soft and hardcore porn done in cartoon form. Categories include 3D, hentai, comics, toons, art and stories.

I like the "stories" category, because they've done some creative work. It has digitally altered live-action photos with narrative and dialogue text boxes. It's quite the sci-fi epic with aliens and futuristic spacecrafts, so it's a shame that there are a few episodes missing here and there from the collection. There are only 33 offered even though the final episode is labeled as number 42.

You get 50+ bonus sites: Nylon Butterfly, Lust Comics, Wifes Dream, Pregnant Wishes, Hentai Mania and Dirty Show Business. As you can see, two of them are toon sites, while the others - like the archive of 600 downloadable DVDs - feature live-action porn. The bonuses are nice and they definitely add some value to a membership.

While Evil Comics isn't growing at this point, the website still gives you quite a lot to look at. If you're a fan of sequential art and naughty toons, there's a good chance that you'll enjoy yourself as you make your way through the various galleries. It's highly unlikely that you would hang around indefinitely, but you'll be able to keep busy for a little while.

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