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Updated on: 06/08/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • The site hasn't been updated since around 2013, but the design has changed a bit.

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I'm not sure who this Leroy person is, but after checking out Leroys Girls, I have to say that he's one of the luckiest guys in Montreal. But if you've ever seen the incredible women there, then you already know that every guy in that city is pretty damn lucky anyway.

LeroysGirls is a large, well-designed photo site. When you sign in you'll find yourself on a network page, but don't worry, just scroll down and look for Leroy's site. Once inside, the menu bar gives you quick access to the video and photo sections. Wait, video section? I just told you this was a photo site.

Well, as far as that video section is concerned it's empty. Years ago there used to be a couple of them, but they weren't anything special, so I guess Leroy decided to just get rid of them. Heading into the photo section you'll find 0 sets of pictures. Many of the models are from Montreal and the rest of the girls are from all over.

Most of the content is solo, but there are plenty of spread legs and dildos as well as some lesbian action and a few "hardcore party" shots, making it more than just an erotica site. The pictures are clear and look good, but having high-res ones would've been better.

A lot of the babes are in more than one set and the sets are in order, which is great if you really fall for a particular girl. You get around 60 models in total. It's also great that there are Zip files. As far as updating goes, it apparently ended back in 2013, or maybe even earlier.

The interface was redesigned at some point and it's got a more updated look, but it didn't change anything about the usability. With each photo set you can still post a comment, save it to your favorites and rate it on a 5-star scale. Some of the sets have keyword tags and these come in handy as a way of filtering the collection should you come across something you really want to see more of.

You get lots of other VIP Members network sites, some of which have both pictures and videos. Angie XXX, Ditzy Dani, Smoking Mina and Lactalia are just a few of them. And many are still updating.

Simply put, for what they're charging, I'd at least like to see the images in high-resolution and have an easier way to download them. It might be worth joining if all you want are photos.

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