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Updated on: 11/11/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
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  • Fifty-five videos and 52 photo sets have been posted. This has increased the overall count and earned the site an additional point for the Amount score.
  • More bonus sites have been made available to members.

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When I was a student I worked the nightshift in a 24-hour convenience store and secretly thumbed through issues of Genesis Magazine. Today, yet again, my work finds me perusing glossy hardcore images, except this time I'm not doing it on the sly between reloading the slush machine. Now, what used to be available only in print is easily accessible online.

You no longer have to buy it in the middle of the night from some yawning clerk behind a counter. The only question now is whether it's just as good virtually as it is in reality. Rather than draw this out after subjecting you to a boring personal anecdote, I'll let you know that I wouldn't necessarily switch from print to online with GenesisMagazine.

Progress isn't always perfect I guess and the image quality just isn't the same. However, the old mattress can get lumpy with all those back issues stacked underneath, so it depends on whether you're looking for print perfection or a good night's sleep. Besides, a magazine never came with videos to stream and download.

Here you'll find 529 movies that tend to come in at least one good-quality file. Older flicks can be less impressive, but some of the newer ones can be enjoyed in an HD format. They mostly come in MP4s and some also include a Windows Media or Flash file, both for viewing at home and on the go in a version specifically for mobile devices.

I appreciate the movies because they're very raunchy and involve many of my favorite hardcore themes, like double penetration, gangbangs and lesbians. Some of the content looks rather dated, but the newer updates seem to deliver more contemporary footage.

You'll also find 1,009 photo sets that you can download in Zip files and view in a hands-free slideshow. You'll see a link that lets you view larger versions of the pics - sometimes it gives you high-res images and sometimes it doesn't do much of anything.

There are also a bunch of bonus sites (also offered through Swank Pass) that you can check out, including Swank Mag, D Cup, Velvet Mag, Just 18 and Gent Online. They're also print mags being brought into the digital age. Speaking of which, there's a huge archive of hardcopy magazines that have been scanned and uploaded online for you to check out. Plus, you get video feeds and other goodies.

The site has been adding at least one new video and a set of pictures each week as of late, so it continues to get bigger, which is great. In the end, even though this website isn't as glossy as the printed pages I remember, Genesis Magazine has definitely won me over.

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  • Comment by: Jake

    Score: 70% Date: 06/01/2009

    again..more old content and nothing new here as far as original content