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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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If you're the kind of person who likes to take a dominant disciplinary role, then you might be into the kinks on Spanked and Abused.

Run by a dude called Crazy Joe, a membership to SpankedAndAbused also gives you access to a string of sites in the All Inclusive Network. In fact, the members' entrance is a doorway to 60 other niche sites that include Penetration Tease, Creamed Feet, Fucked Tits and Mother Daughter Fuck.

While the network supposedly updates five times a week, this site hasn't updated once during the last year. The design isn't bad. Moreover, the site is simple to navigate, but there really isn't a whole hell of a lot to see.

One major bonus is that there's the option to make a scene request. There's nothing better than being able to watch my fantasies played out on a site where I'm a member. However, since there are only 16 videos, I guess they stopped taking requests. 

Movies are offered as one-minute clips or as 20-minute full-length features. You can view them as average-quality Windows Media files or as good-quality MPEGs. However, they're getting rid of the MPEGs because some of them download only to tell you that they don't provide that format anymore. 

There are also 16 photo sets containing between 150 and 300 downloadable images in each. The pictures are actually good shots with terrific lighting and a variety of angles. However, not all the sets are high-res.

The scenes are set up with a small plot, which is very cool, but the overall quality isn't as hot as I imagined it would be. From bare hands to spatulas, wooden spoons, blowjobs and fucking, there's some hot content for anyone who wants a chick to be punishment and rewarded with a thick, hot, creamy load of cum to sooth her ass.

It's really too bad that there's not more spanking content, but the one thing that impresses me about this site are the storylines in each movie. They aren't elaborate plots, but it is better than other sites that just start spanking and follow it with fucking (although the acting is pretty bad).

The bonuses are also cool, giving cock a variety of female body parts to cum on. While the update schedule certainly needs to be improved, Spanked and Abused is worth considering as a large network only.

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