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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Large Lust is the virtual home of one Miss Catalina Cumalot. She's might just prove to be the meal ticket you need to see if you're tired of seeing underfed bitches with artificial breasts dangling precariously from their fully exposed ribcages. This real-sized slut with cups overflowing and a backside that doesn't stop is your best bet for complete pleasure. That said I must say that although I am not usually overly concerned with web design versus actual porn content, this site is cheesy looking and it's not just the orange cheddar choice of colors either. It's super amateur in appearance and design with some links changing and other disappearing depending on which page you visit. Nevertheless, I was pleased to discover that if you can look past the sad Halloween-colored façade; this site does have its good qualities too. For example, in her personal galleries you'll discover that many of her 73 photosets thus far feature high-resolution scenes of hardcore, lesbian, solo and even group action.

You also get an additional 30 average galleries of different BBW amateurs from the web. One less obvious place to find photos in under the Hodge Podge section, which is basically where Cat puts stuff like pictures taken during various porn tradeshows since she doesn't know where else they fit in.

As far as video content there are 19 clips mostly around five minute in length available in Real Player (320x240, 39kbps), Windows Media format (320x240, 345kbps) or MPEG (couldn't get to work). The can chat live with Cat online or enter a contest to win a 30 minute private phone call from her. There are eight audio wave files you can download of Cat purring out various dirty phrases about what she'd do to your cock. You can also download some screensavers free too. Where the site design start to falter is in the additional links to things like interactive gaming links and free daily third party galleries, you begin to be lost in a mix of misdirected pages and advertising disguised as free offers.

The access to the Naughty BBW network remains consistent with free live shows, more than 20 bonus sites, over 400 video clips and just over 10 000 additional pictures. I would be less negative about LargeLust if it wasn't for some of the pages that I felt linked to ads not included content. It's like the commercials they show you now at the mainstream movie theatres, you feel like you paid a fee to get inside so why should you have to sit through sponsorship spiels.

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