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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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44 JJJ Kim is a lady with enormous tits and a backside to match. She is larger than life and full of fun as she poses her mega meat rack for you.

The design of 44JJJKim is simplistic, but what it lacks in aesthetic appeal at least doesn't affect the ease of navigation on the site. There are basically two areas of main site content, the photos section and the videos section.

Currently there are 87 photosets, displaying lots of solo action, some lesbian play and even some interracial cock sucking. Most of the galleries are average quality. In fact, some of them are slightly on the small side for frame sizes and only have around 10 to 40 photos.

The same can be said of the video collection, it's very average quality wise and less than average quantity wise. There are about eight videos (most are divided into multiple parts). Some play in mediocre Real Player, but the majority are playable in slightly better, but still crappy, Window Media format. The main site content demands you appreciate truly amateur presentations and personally, it's a little too homemade in spirit for my liking, the low quality of the content detracts too much from my enjoyment. The content also isn't all exclusive.

As far as extra content, you do have access to the Naughty BBW network with your 44 JJJ Kim membership. This gives you access to at least an additional 22 amateur sites like this one. Besides the movies and pictures on the other sites, the network site itself has a collection of 416 video clips and over 10,000 photos.

If you are a huge fan of real amateur stuff, then 44 JJJ Kim might measure up for you. However, a more jaded purveyor of porn might find it to be too cutesy and quaint.

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  • Comment by: Yizzle Dizzle

    Score: 80% Date: 09/12/2008

    Jesus, these comments below are just so fucking funny.
    Anyways...I give this site an 80. It's to far down on the list.
    You get, tons of pics of 44JJJ Kim(those are some pretty shitty samples up top there by the way), you get some original Colette Marquis, you get the first apperance of Missy (KyssMyTits.Com), as a blonde no less.
    Last time I was on was..years ago...the video was lacking..like better shit in Yahoo groups, lacking..
    But hey..end of the day, kicked back..smokin a little dro, you buy a membership, you break out the oil, you'll figure you coulda done a whole lot worse.