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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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How many times must you be told to be a good boy? Some lads just seem to be bad, so they tend to enjoy rather than endure their punishment. Certainly that's the case on Boys Boarding School. Although, only a couple of these dudes could even remotely be referred to as boys. The rest are definitely middle-aged and they're old enough to know better, but they still insist on misbehaving.

There are 75 videos on BoysBoardingSchool and that number hasn't changed in more than two years. At any rate, there are 59 full-length scenes around 10 minutes long and the 16 other vids are just short clips around three minutes in length. You can download them in RealPlayer format that is below average in qualityacross the board.

You'll sometimes see men disciplined by a dominatrix, while other times the ladies look like teachers. There are also a few in long, white smocks who are presumably doctors who spank unhealthy patients. Whatever these Dommes are wearing, let me tell you that they know how to leave their mark on man's poor bum.

It's not clear what type of "school" these lessons are held in. The set is minimalist with bright lights, cement walls and a few props. The sparseness adds to the sense of drama, particularly when the camera opens on a stud already bent over taking lashes and smacks from a gorgeous tight-lipped honey who intently focuses on his reddening rear.

While there is a photo section, as far as I can tell, they are only vid caps. They're big and relatively crisp when there isn't much movement in the frame. So in some cases they'd almost pass for real photos.

As I already mentioned, it's clear that the website stopped updating, so that's pretty disappointing. There used to be a dozen spanking video feeds, but they've removed those. There's an unlabeled link to some trailers and pics from other spanking sites.

I love the concept behind this site, because chicks getting their bums spanked are a dime a dozen, but dudes getting their comeuppance from dominate females is not as common. However, this collection seems stuck in the past when it comes to the quality of their vids. Boys Boarding School isn't growing and it needs better-quality flicks.

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