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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Spanking Shame

You will be happy to know that since we were last here they have added more Spanking And Shame. The new look is a bit of an improvement and the amount of content has really increased. Add to this the two new bonus spanking sites and this is a solid ass-slapping network.

SpankingAndShame is your destination if you enjoy seeing naughty gals getting remedial discipline in the form of spankings or even a work-over with a hickory switch. You'll see some bare asses reddened and marked by physical correction. The exciting part about this site is the large amount of content and the fact that it's all exclusive.

There are three main sections: full stories (50 videos and photo sets), reform (66 vids and pic sets) and spankables (one movie and 116 sets of images), for a total of 117 videos and 232 photo galleries. All of the sections have approximately five to 20 short video clips that are downloadable in poor-quality RealPlayer format and an average of 150 high-res photos.

Updating happens a few times a week. Since most videos are posted in a series of clips, it takes a little while before the whole scene is online. Although, I noticed that some of the movies are now available as full-length downloads.

For once, a site has bonus content that falls within the same theme. For example, you get access to 12 sites, including Caught Spanked!, 2,000 Strokes and Spanking Realities. Some of the sites are exclusive and some are just video feeds.

Even though the content on Spanking and Shame is exclusive and updates daily, the videos are in French, so you won't understand anything that's said unless you speak the language (sorry, no subtitles). They'll need more full-length videos and more content in general to be worth the expensive monthly membership fee.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: clean vulva

    Score: 95% Date: 02/28/2011

    Still the best at humiliating females. Think of a naked slut - knickers off - sitting at a school desk - what do you see? Her anus. With the punisher almost casually - but clearly deliberately - fingering the shitter. What more humiliation can there be for a beautiful looking female than to be shown as no more than an anus? And she'll always be here on the net like that, sustaining her filthy indignity for good.

  • Comment by: Scrit

    Score: 88% Date: 01/27/2011

    Most of the girls are nice natural looking. Some are a little to rough for my tastes, but most are lovely. I don't like the idea that a story is "Oh here is a little innocent, transgressed, so she's going to get spanked" then she gets her kit off and she's got more piercings and tatoos than Richard Harris in "A man called horse" a shaved pussy and "attitude" The whole "sub/dom" psche aspect is completely destroyed the minute this happens.

    Thankfully, this rarely happens here. The girls look natural and the "shame" aspect of the punishment is far more erotic than the pain.

    Good site - worth a month every so often.

  • Comment by: PLAY DOCTOR

    Score: 82% Date: 09/25/2010

    The filming is excellent - good lighting, sound, steady camera and the content is "good". Since it is a spanking site, I'm not going to comment that a lot of time is spent on spanking. My preference is the the "medical segments" where the girls are examined and their temperatures are taken rectally --- that's always a favorite and the footage is good. I wish their buttocks weren't showing the signs of a spanking, though. Also, one of the aspects of the site that I like is that the girls are always shown undressing - even some fondling --- and most are wearing panties. Unlike American sites - the girls look like they didn't just come off the pole ---- no tattoos and piersings, nor breast implants. OK - the French . . . so what, you get the general idea. Sometimes there is English spoken.

    This is a good attempt.

  • Comment by: Andy

    Score: 95% Date: 05/05/2010

    If you are looking for shame element, humiliation & exploitation of east european girls then no site on this earth can compete SAS. It captures some awesome acts of forced stripping, non-consensual touch, pussy stimulation, bit of ass smelling & examining assholes WOW!, Some episode have fucking too. CONS: Low resolution vids, less updates. I strongly recommend this site if love these rare to find kinky acts. All seems very real.

  • Comment by: Mikhelin

    Score: 90% Date: 02/15/2010

    This site is good in one part: spanking. I do like to watch most of clips. Mostly fine OTK with many nice broads, very few broads alike Girls Board School. Worth to join non-recurring once at 6 month. Beware, This site has slow updates.

  • Comment by: c est just moi

    Score: 100% Date: 07/22/2009

    Speaking as a girl, I find the shame element in these videos extremely exciting. Honestly, been looking for videos like this for a while. Focused far more on the exposure and humiliation than volumes of pain. I find it very erotic.

  • Comment by: Parles Vous Frances?

    Score: 75% Date: 01/23/2009

    Sometimes the best part of a good spanking video is what's being said to the girls. In the case of this site, unless you speak French you'll have no clue! Some of the girls are attractive, but there's plenty who aren't..there's better sites available for your $.

  • Comment by: Unimpressed

    Score: 5% Date: 10/01/2008

    Saw it Oct 1st, 2008 and the girls are ugly as hell - and I'm not that ftv or exotic model hungry type that needs the finest bitches on earth - I love normal looking girls but these are below average - I even saw one with a forest for a bush wanting to get spanked, ew. She was not cute either. Plus the site looks like something from 1990s and I get a seedy/very low budget feeling from this site, like midnightprowl, but at least midnightprowl's site is WAY more well designed and inviting.

  • Comment by: p thaw

    Score: 95% Date: 09/21/2008

    The worst thing about this brilliant site is the updates - but if you have never joined I reccommend it heartily. Surely around 100 full length movies and the photo quality is fine IMO. These guys really capture the shame element and they always start clothed