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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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At one point the online porn industry was growing by leaps and bounds, so much so that you saw sites get launched that solely consisted of links to third-party content. It didn't matter if they didn't offer anything unique (or that in actuality they didn't offer anything at all), because the market was so demanding that supplying even subpar porn might spell financial success. Stud Dorms serves as a reminder of those bygone days of the pornographic glut.

Currently, not only has demand for porn (gay or straight) dipped, but also cost-conscious consumers are looking for more value for their money. So when you find out that StudDorms has no content of its own, you're clearly not going to recommend it to a friend or spend cash on joining. They do at least at try to make it appear as if you're getting something for your troubles.

When you visit the video section you will find thumbnails to scenes from a number of exclusive gay reality porn sites. You can only stream the third-party flicks, but at least some of them offer high-def playback. The photo section shows just over 260 thumbnails linking to pics on some of the various feed sites, but I think that realistically you'll find more photos than that because many of the vids come with images.

It's a bit annoying that some of the episodes with videos are listed more than once and when you follow some of the thumbnails you end up visiting a completely unrelated scene. I also found that some of the content is hard to track down. For example, if I look for hairy men I only get three scenes in the bear category in the video section (there's no similar category for photos). If I search the word "bear" instead, I get 17 vids and 27 results in the photo section. That seems a bit inconsistent.

You will see a wide variety of themes though, with twinks, jocks and daddies. They appear in solo and hardcore action, including interracial, bareback and group sex. In fact, the majority of scenes involve threesomes often unfolding after two guys pick up a third from the streets of cities like Montreal, Vancouver and Florida.

In this day and age, sites like this one just can't compete with the myriad of superior offerings on the market. I suppose that if the price was even a bit (or ideally a lot) lower than your typical membership then it might make joining a tad more appealing. However, Stud Dorms is no bargain and you really shouldn't waste your money on it.

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