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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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This site is now called Zentai Dolls.

With a sitename like Crazy In Public, I figured the site would be about public sex acts. It turns out that they really are referring to people acting oddly in the open. On the downside, no public fuck fests for me. On the plus side, their definition of bizarre will appeal to those who have a fetish for spandex.

Every scene on CrazyInPublic has two to five babes and even the occasional guy walking around outside while dressed in latex, spandex or other fabrics commonly found in morph suit-related fashion. If you see any skin, it's because one or two of the babes isn't wearing a mask. Most do, however, and everything from the chin down is completely covered.

I'm not exaggerating when I say "completely" here. There's absolutely no nudity or sex at any point. It's so random that pedestrians often stop them in order to take pictures with them (Surprise! You're in porn, now!). The action has the models walking around and sometimes randomly touching people to see what their reactions will be like. One scene that saw the biggest crowd turnout had them parading each with a bunch of balloons on strings, so the passers-by mistook them for some street-performing clown troop.

That's what you get in almost all 26 movies and 31 photo sets. A few photo sets show two spandex-clad babes posing side by side, but these are the only times when the theme varies at all. There's nothing suggestive about the poses, either, and they're still filmed in the middle of busy city corners. Videos that feature this kind of content are ones that record the taking of the photos.

The older scenes are only available as Windows Media files, while the newer ones are offered in MP4 format. Regardless of how old the scene is, though, all videos are in high-def. As for the photo sets, they all contain high-res images and you get a pretty decent number of them per gallery, too. Unfortunately, you can only save the images one at a time.

New content arrives every eight days. The first of those updates will be only a video, while the next time new material is added, you will only get a photo gallery. The result is that you average only two of each a month. Still, given the quality and the uniqueness of the material (meaning both innovative and exclusive), you'll likely go crazy over Crazy In Public.

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