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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I used to date a yoga enthusiast and she always impressed me with her flexibility. I can only imagine how impressed I would have been if I was dating one of the girls from Flexi Legs instead. These babes are stunning and have the uncanny ability to turn themselves into human pretzels.

FlexiLegs is a good-looking site and organizes its material by year and month. Having separate video and photo sections would be preferable, but in this case it isn't such a chore to jump from month to month to see what's available. The earliest material dates from July 2012 and these days you get two new vids and two new photo sets every month.

You might be wondering about the dates and why a site can only go back to July 2012 even though February of that same year was when we first reviewed it. Well, the answer is that they are removing some content as they add new material. There is a little more now than before, which tells us that they don't always remove the same amount of older stuff every single time they upload something new.

There are presently 39 videos and 38 sets of pictures. The movies can all be downloaded and they're mostly available as Windows Media files. Regardless of the format, the movies look good and most of them allow you to enjoy HD footage. The high-res pictures are pretty impressive, too. The one bad thing about them is that you can't download them in Zip files.

Whether you look at the videos or photos, you're going to see incredibly beautiful models contorting their bodies in incredible ways. The babes do the splits with no effort whatsoever, wrap their legs around their heads and place themselves in poses that I just can't wrap my head around. One guy even wears one of the girls like a scarf.

There's no sex here. In fact, aside from a little toy play, the site is completely focused on showing you just how flexible the human body can be. Of course, the babe using the toy has her body in a position that almost hurts to look at, so even when there is masturbation going on, you're still witnessing some amazing displays of contortion.

Flexi Legs isn't the biggest site, but it brings you high-quality content and they are updating. You won't see flexibility like this by sitting in on a beginner yoga class, so if you want to watch women contort their bodies in ways you didn't know were possible, it might be worth getting yourself a membership.

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