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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I'm not sure if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, if it makes any sound. I do know that when it comes to Forest Sex, it is fairly clear that even if you can't be anywhere near the twink-on-twink action in the flesh, you can definitely hear the groaning and moaning captured by the camera. I also know that it sure beats the heck out of most of your philosophical musings.

In one of my city's parks, there were a lot of folks who were having a quick suck and poke among the trees. The local officials found a simple solution - trimming some lower tree branches, razing some bushes and adding extra lighting. The action that goes down on ForestSex happens in a much larger wooded area of Siberia. So short of clear cutting some old growth, their banging won't ever stop.

It is unclear how often this collection is updating, but you can check out 17 videos and they give you good-quality playback. They come in Flash and if you right-click on the streaming video when it starts to play on its embedded player, you should see an option to download it labeled "save this link as."  I saw it appear in a couple versions of Internet Explorer as well as in Firefox.

The scenes consist of a man in a black ski mask having his way with supposedly unsuspecting boys. As coy as some of the tied-up young men pretend to be, they also kind of seem rather into the gay sex, rather than distressed by being ravished by a complete stranger in the woods. When the dude in camouflage not only "forces" the young hunk to suck his dick, but also to take his hard cock up his lubed up butt, he always wears a condom until he takes it off to spew his spunk on their buttcheeks.

The scenes also come with some large, crisp pics, so you can check out 17 photo sets. They don't have any Zip files, so I find that's a bit of a shame. There are some truly beautiful models in the bunch, including a blonde blue-eyed specimen who look more German than Russian. I also appreciate seeing partially-clothed sex, because it does remind me of my own outside sexcapades.

You don't get any bonus sites and clearly there isn't a lot of content here. The collection here is exclusive, but I have actually seen other sites with similar kinds of action. Some of the others might make take the BDSM further, but then they might not actually show the blowjobs and anal penetration. All the same, Forest Sex is too expensive for what you're getting.

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