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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Alright voyeur fans, All Candid Videos has you covered! With hundreds of videos from Hero, all undercover lurkers will have their hands full with this collection.

While it is true that the most recent updates are conveniently posted on the main page of the members' area as are links to each of the content areas, it doesn't mean that the site is either well designed or user friendly. In fact, AllCandidVideos is far from both of these descriptions for a couple of reasons.

Many of the supposed videos don't have any material that you can download - literally 0MB associated with them. The other main issue is that there aren't any thumbnails that you can see without clicking on another link, each scene is named with just a number and some of the new additions are really just continuations of another movie.

They used to have a couple of secret photographers taking candid images on the sly. However, one guy seems to have jumped ship, so you'll have to settle with the work produced by Hero. Hero focuses on such categories as pocket-less jeans, jeans with pockets, breasts, skirts and shorts, pants and other with just random shots of chicks.

The amount of content in each of the categories varies considerably. Nevertheless, you should expect to find around 400 movies right now. This is a large amount of content, but don't expect more scenes to show up anytime soon. It's been along time since they last added anything. Some of the recent additions are available in a great-quality MPEG format, but the older ones are much poorer.

Each video has a preview picture that you have to open in a new window, but there aren't any photo sets. This site does focus on its video content - and that is what most voyeurs will be happy to see. Whether these guys get their footage on the subway or street, they find great shots of hot asses, short skirts, panty peeks, tight clothes plus a whole lot more.

These are not staged scenes, but rather real looks into the world around us and close-up views of what kinky voyeurs love to see. No bonus content is available - not even the forum or store that used to be available.

While mainly a video site, All Candid Videos will appeal more to those with voyeur fantasies and likes as long as the lack of updates and disorganization doesn't bother you. Although the video quality is pretty good (as far as voyeur movies go) and the scenes are right up the voyeuristic alley, you won't find any hardcore sex scenes available here.

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