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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I used to know a dude who always described hot guys as "yummy" and I always found it a bit silly. I do love to eat, but even the best food would never qualify as having made me orgasm. That's why I would never describe someone's good looks with the same words I use for a tasty dish. Boy Feast might unleash a whole new slew of adjectives for me, though.

Even if the sitename BoyFeast at first comically invoked images of boys tied up in giant cooking pots surrounded by carrots over a big fire, all of that soon changed when I saw the collection. I mean, sure, you'll see dudes joking around and enjoying horseplay, but when they finish off by masturbating, sharing blowjobs or anal sex, you'll know this site is seriously hot.

You'll find 78 videos on the website and you can expect to download them as Windows Media files that offer mostly good-quality playback, but there are also Full HD MP4s. The movies can also be streamed, so you can watch them online if you want. The films don't come with any photos, but they do come with vid caps that sometimes don't look too bad.

Most of the scenes, besides some recorded webcam performances, are filmed by a twink named Trace. Sometimes he's behind the camera and other times he's in on the action, shooting guys sucking his dick or taking it up the ass. Apparently he started the site with a former boyfriend who liked to see him messing around with other guys, but his current BF doesn't like sharing him as much. It's not stated anywhere, but the guy he performs the most with is a Goth named William who might be his lover.

I'm making that guess based on the fact that they have bareback sex. You will also see other couples, including a gay dude getting a straight guy who has never done a video with a boy before to fuck him on camera. You can also find a few threesomes and some shoots will tease and please those with a foot fetish. One involves a blueberry pie all over a young hunk's toes.

You will find more of Trace and his friends on the bonus site Tasty Twink. It's one of a dozen additional sites that you can explore. Others include Boy Napped and Real Gay Couples. These extras come in handy, because we haven't gotten anything new from Trace since June 2013. Overall, though, Boy Feast has enough content already to make it worth considering.

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