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Updated on: 10/09/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I had a giggle at the sitename Downblouse Wow. I don't know why. There's nothing particularly funny about it, but I think it was the "wow" that gave me a chuckle. Hey, I like some cheese with my downblouse material. The gals here are all giving us a glimpse of their generous cleavage, but will the site wow you? Let's find out.

Navigation is a snap. The latest updates are on the homepage, as are the top-rated ones. Each movie is represented by a medium-sized image of the model and two smaller screenshots from the scene (one is usually a close-up of her ample bosom).

The women are all dressed differently, some in silky dresses and nighties and some in office attire like blouses, cardigans or just sexy, old tanks. They each have their own look as well. You can choose from curvy babes, slim, fresh-faced chicks, blondes, brunettes and redheads.

For anyone who isn't familiar with "downblouse," just be aware that you're not going to see any nudity in the 431 videos. You'll see the soft curves of the chick's breasts, but they stay clothed. You'll see a nip from time to time, but even that isn't a guarantee. The point here is the tease and voyeuristic aspect.

You can download each video in a Windows Media file and some also come with an MP4 option. Quality varies, but the newer flicks are in Full HD. Each film comes with some vid caps and the videos last about three minutes each. There's no streaming option.

One scene I like has Jade Victoria who's hot to trot in a pale-pink nightgown. She has creamy skin and her chest is dotted with sexy freckles. She's nonchalantly flipping through a magazine on a bed, but you can tell by the sly grin on her face that she's fully aware of the camera. She lets her strap fall innocently off her shoulder and then turns onto her back and a nipple peeks out. I was hooked! In the last moment, she catches you looking and admonishes you in her hot British accent.

I can't say there aren't some places this site could improve upon, like adding real pictures or a streaming format, but I really do like the way it organizes the material and the fact that it provides us with unique content. I also appreciate that the site gives us two new movies each week. Downblouse Wow will please the cleavage connoisseur. Just take note of the daily download limit.

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