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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I have a love/hate relationship with girls who have had too much to drink. They're great when they're baring their breasts and making out with their friends, but they sure a pain to deal with when they're screaming and vomiting. On Drunk Attention Whores, you get to enjoy inebriated babes without having to worry about obnoxious behavior and projectile vomit.

DrunkAttentionWhores is an amateur site that brings you vids and pics of everyday chicks getting drunk and casting their inhibitions aside. Sound good? Well, don't get too excited just yet. Much like waking up next to some ugly person who looked damn fine when you still had your beer goggles on, the website is a major letdown.

The site's main problem is that it's really quite small. It only has six videos and 32 sets of pictures right now and to make matters worse, it looks as though it hasn't updated since May 2011. There's no way of telling if the people behind the website have any more content on the way, but I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

The few vids that are available to you are very short, lasting only a minute or two each. In the flicks, you get to see chicks exposing their breasts during what looks to be Mardi Gras celebrations. You can save the movies if you want, as they can be downloaded as Windows Media files. A couple of them have good bit rates, but the others only offer average-quality playback.

The photos are more impressive than the videos and they show girls doing things like drinking, baring their boobs, showing off their naked bodies, goofing around with their girlfriends and putting beer bottles in places that bottles were never meant to go. A lot of the pics look quite good, but quality can vary from one image to the next. As far as amateur material goes, the pictures aren't bad and you can download them in Zip files if you like what you see.

In terms of extras, you can count on getting access to a couple of bonus sites and 18 extra sets of pictures. The sites are My Big Ex Girlfriend and Teens Shelf Shot. They both bring you more amateur content. As for the additional photos, they bring you shots of stunning models, but they mostly serve as advertisements for sites that aren't included with a membership.

Drunk Attention Whores is a disappointing website and one that doesn't give you enough bang for your buck. If lovely lit chicks are what you're after, take the money you would have spent on a membership and use it to buy some cute coeds a few drinks at your local bar. With any luck, they'll get naked and wild before they get obnoxious and queasy.

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  • Comment by: Iona

    Score: N/A Date: 08/21/2014

    This site is fucking shit. No enough bondage and I only got off once and that was waiting for the videos to load. Not fucking impressed. Seen better naked bodies at the children's swimming pool