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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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In the neighborhoods of Cum Blast City both the MILFs and teens are keen to give handjobs and blowjobs to service the big dicks of their fellow citizens. I really appreciate their commitment to their community, because sharing is caring, especially when it's a woman's saliva on a hard dick that earns her a thick load across her face.

Okay, okay, using a term like "earning" may annoy some women who don't necessarily see a guy's money shot in their mug as a reward for anything. Still, there are indeed some babes who crave man juice as if they were wandering through the desert without any water and then stumbled across an oasis inside some guy's pants.

You'll find 221 videos and the newer ones are in high-def, but most older ones offer average to great-quality playback. You can also check out 208 high-res photo sets and when you click the center of each pic, it opens in a new window that shows it in its full size. The sets can be downloaded in Zip files.

My female friend told me that when one of her friends and her husband have sex he always pulls out and cums all over some part of her body. My friend said that she doesn't get it, because she thinks one of the benefits of a committed relationship is not having to soil the sheets.

On this site, though, you'll read lines like, "Mrs. Orion's hubby never nuts on her face, that's all she wants. And loves it when Joey asks for help because the perverted teacher coaxes him to bust his load on her face every time." Apparently, communication isn't the only thing missing from marriages - messy facials are lacking too.

Here they're exceptionally messy and mostly not real judging by the how the camera cuts away from the dudes as they start ejaculating to show only the tip of their cock. And huge streams of jizz often appear to be spraying from a spot a little under the dude's actual hole. Also, some of the older scenes looked like they were using a fake cock.

You can also check out seven bonus sites, including one devoted to Simone Fox, a super-sexy BBBW with huge boobs, and several about handjobs, including one called Club Tug. The sites come in handy since there can be gaps between updates. There have been two new scenes in the last 30 days, though.

Cum Blast City is certainly a blast even if its cumshots and some of the cocks are fake. If that isn't a deal breaker for you and you like seeing cute chicks take shots of sticky jizz to the face, then it could be worthwhile to get yourself a membership.


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  • Comment by: donny

    Score: 99% Date: 10/11/2014

    i love thier cumshots.
    they went out of thier way to film me my own custum video