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Updated on: 04/11/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1432
Average Score: 64

Since we last visited WhenGirlsPlay...

  • There are nearly 60 more scenes and updates continue to be weekly.
  • The site has been redesigned and although that's a positive thing for the most part, in the process they've changed the setup a bit as far as the navigation is concerned.

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Cindi Lauper is famous for singing about how girls just want to have fun, but the lyrics of that song left out a lot of details involving what's really going on When Girls Play. If this site is any indication, then as a guy I have to say I feel really left out. I wish I could play games as naughty as these chicks do (with them, of course)!

WhenGirlsPlay is a lesbian site that uses all sorts of setups, but always stays true to the babe-on-babe action - literally, as there are no threesomes or orgies. Scenarios range from make-up sex to a chick consoling her friend after she got in a fight with her man ("consoling" used synonymously with "fucking") to sexy coeds taking a much-needed break from studying books and instead studying each other's pussy and tits.

While the variety of scenes is great, the amount of material isn't there yet, but it is getting better. There are 188 videos and 188 photo galleries so far and a new scene gets added every week. The tour proudly advertises 10 years of daily updates, but this stat is obviously for the network as a whole.

The movies are advertised as being available in a series of clips, but if you scroll down you'll also see full-length versions. The footage now only comes in an MP4 regardless of which option you go with. They come in several sizes, with the largest one offering Full HD playback. The same goes for the clips and you can stream them all, too.

The pics are no less impressive, with more than 100 in every set. They basically reenact what you'll see in the movies and come in three sizes. Go with the largest and you'll be treated to high-res images. Each gallery is perfectly lit and crystal clear and comes downloadable in a Zip folder.

Earlier I mentioned that the site was part of a network. Well, you get access to it and all their sites have been redesigned and look a lot better. It's called Twistys and all its sites vary in theme, so you get a good variety of action, like on Twistys Hard and Nicole Graves.

I should mention that although the site does look better, the new setup has caused an issue that wasn't really a problem before in that you can only move through the content a couple pages at a time and this site has a good number to get through - and some of the other sites on the network have even more. So it can be a bit cumbersome navigation-wise.

There's enough content here to keep you happy for a while and as the site continues to grow it will only get better and more worthy of your membership dollars. When Girls Play is incredibly hot and the quality can't be beat.


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  • Comment by: Frost

    Score: 80% Date: 05/24/2012

    Today (may 2012) 37 movies available.

    The movies are in HD. Very good quality; good dialogue between the girls. Good foreplay and after play scenes... Nice models.

    OK download speed, I was able to get 1,3 mb/sec.

    I look forward to more content....

  • Comment by: Ely1CambsUK

    Score: 60% Date: 04/30/2012

    When I check out this web site I found it to be very good with the ideas they have for these movies but sadly I only counted 7 scene's in total so I was left feeling pretty GUTTED after coughing up a large membership fee but I was given access to another popular web site for 2 weeks free of charge and I promise to return when they have pulled there finger out and made at least 50 plus movie scenes before my return so role on 2013!!

    Overall; I give web site a Score of(60) because I like the lesbian footage they come up with and found each scene to be pretty hot as most lesbo films tend to bore with all the toys they keep using