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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I'm not quite 40, but I'm only a couple of months away from it, so I'm beginning to appreciate when guys in porn aren't all young jocks. After all, regardless of my junk-mail folder filled with offers for natural alternatives to that infamous blue pill, my cock is still in working order. And even if I may be prone to short-term memory loss, I still remember what it was like to bone a nice, tight teen pussy. Old Goes Young lets me live out my fantasies - at least virtually.

OldGoesYoung also teaches boys to share with their elders as the scenes all seem to involve both a dude closer in age to the 18 to 23-year-old chick as well as a man who appears to be in his 40s or possibly 50s. Some mature male porn tends to show you men who are in better shape than their younger counterparts and/or have very large rods, but here the middle-aged guys are quite average in every way. Everyone is also speaking an Eastern European language and there aren't any subtitles.

Design and navigation is quite user friendly. It's impossible to miss the 51 episodes and they're featured alongside a column that shows the top-rated scenes from across the 1 Pass For All Sites network.

The newer vids can only be saved as MP4 files, but they're offered in Full HD. There are Windows Media downloads offered for older movies. Note that you also have the choice between full-length vids and clips. The large, high-res photos that come with each flick can be downloaded in Zip files.

New content only gets added once a month, so be glad that there are 29 additional sites to browse. Some focus on just teens doing each other, but sites like Tricky Old Teacher and Daddies And Darlings also show you mature dudes getting their wicks wetted by sex kittens. You can also check out Mommies Do Bunnies if you want to see experienced lesbians recruiting fresh-faced members to the Sapphic sisterhood.

These bonuses help add value to a membership, but even without taking them in to consideration, Old Goes Young has enough to attract me.


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