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We all know what happens when Godzilla comes up out of the water and onto shore. He stomps cities into dust, embarrasses the army, kicks the hell out of other monsters and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake. It's great fun to watch, but we've seen it happen a million times, so perhaps it's time for something a little different. Enter Whitezilla.

No, Whitezilla isn't Godzilla's albino cousin. He's actually a Jewish guy who uses his huge cock to please women. You'd think he'd destroy them with his massive dong, but the ladies do a commendable job of handling his oversized dick. It's really quite something to see them take it in their mouths, pussies and butts.

The hardcore fucking plays out in 68 videos that you can stream and download. They're available in their full-lengths and vary in quality, but most give you average-quality playback.

All but two of the movies come with a photo gallery, so there are 66 sets of pictures. These come with high-res images and there are quite a few of them in each set. Unfortunately, saving them can be a bit challenging because there's no way to download them in Zip files. Instead, you're stuck saving your favorite shots one at a time.

The content isn't dated in a way that tells you what year a scene was added, but the days and months listed tell us whatever its schedule may be, it's not very frequent or consistent. Going by the number of new scenes that were added since our previous visit suggests that updates average once every six weeks.

That isn't great, obviously, but at least there are 20 bonus sites that you can keep busy with while you wait to get new material, like 2 Big To Be True and Abominable Black Man. They're all part of the Hush Pass network.

Whitezilla isn't the largest big-cock site out there, but it is one with some hot action and enough content to last you for a bit of time. It's worth a look and if you like what it has to offer, there's a pretty good chance that you'll enjoy a number of the extra sites.

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