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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I am lucky enough to live close enough to work that I can walk to the office just about every day. If I'm feeling lazy or running late, I can take a cab for under $10, including tip. All the same, I sometimes need to take public transportation to get to other places. Now, I don't mind taking the subway, but I normally dread riding on buses. However, I'd be more than happy to ride the bus if the experience was anything like what's portrayed on Project City Bus.

To be fair, when I was younger and had a two-hour commute to work, I did get picked up by a guy on the bus and followed him home for some hot sex. However, other than once seeing a dude masturbating next to me on the night bus on my way home from the gay village, I've never quite seen the sort of action that ProjectCityBus brings. If I ever win the lotto, it'll be no more taxis - I'll buy myself a bus instead.

You see, the premise behind the site's 17 high-def videos is that a horny guy, along with a cameraman and a bus driver, cruise the streets in what looks like a legitimate vehicle with the city's public transportation fleet. Then they pick up dudes and get down to some rather nasty business on the seats and on the floor in the aisle. You're able to stream and download these hot movies.

The men, including the pickups, are paid performers, like muscular, bald-headed, stubble-faced Mitch Vaughn and Bo Dean, with his tattoos and sick washboard abs (we're talking more like an eight pack than a six pack). You'll see the scenery changing in the window for added realism and I'm guessing the windows are tinted, although they don't look to be in the videos or in the 17 sets of high-res pics that you can download in Zip files.

Given its size I have to say that Project City Bus needs to film a few more trips before it will be worth buying a ticket to ride. And on that note, the dates on the scenes tell us that nothing new has been added to the website since 2012, so this bus route might be off the map for good.

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