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Updated on: 05/17/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1398
Average Score: 64

Since we last visited NextDoorWorld...

  • It was already huge, but they still managed to make it even bigger by adding over 350 videos and 250 photo sets.
  • Updates are a little less frequent, but you're still getting something new a few times a week somewhere on the network.

Full Review

My fellow reviewer, Chris Parker, is a huge fan of comics and when I saw the sitename Next Door World I thought of him, because he's always talking about parallel or alternative universes. This site is like a parallel universe, because it lets me openly ogle and masturbate to straight, bisexual and gay guys without having to share any common interests. It's less effort that delivers a payoff every time.

A membership to this mega-site is getting you access to 16 sites. Some of them focus on one model in particular, like Cody Cummings, one of my favorite performers. He's a muscular gay-for-pay pornstar who likes to jerk off as well as fuck both guys and girls.

I should mention that a couple of similar sites, like Tommy D XXX, which focuses on a bi guy, and Mason Wyler, another gay pornstar, aren't updating. They still offer a decent amount of content and the same can be said for Trystan Bull, who stopped adding new content as well.

Other sites on the network have more of a general theme, like Next Door Twink and Next Door Ebony. I should point out that Next Door Hookups only has straight action. And I know that straight scenes might not be so appealing to some of you. However, I enjoy seeing a sexy boy doing what comes easiest to him, especially if later he goes gay-for-pay. And that's often the case when it comes to this awesome "world," where straights often get paired with other straight guys, bisexuals or gays.

Overall you're getting something new across the network 4-5 times a week. You can use the dropdown list and discover each site individually, or if you prefer you can browse through the "movies" section where you'll find all 3,036 videos. Most come with photos and others have vid caps mixed in. To make navigating the sets easier, you can just go to the "photos" section and browse all 2,833 photo sets.

One issue I did have with the navigation is the fact that you can only skip ahead a few pages at a time or jump right to the last page. This leaves a ton of pages in the middle that require lots of clicking to get to. I would've much prefered to have access to any page with just one or two clicks.

The movies can be streamed and downloaded in a variety of settings and formats. You'll have a Full HD option for hundreds of them. As for the photos, many are high-res and you have the ability to download the sets in Zip files. You can sort the content, save your favorites and click on various keyword tags, which comes in handy when there's so much material. You can also post comments on each scene.

Clearly you're getting a ton of content on this gay network and although some of the sites aren't growing, much of it continues to expand with new hot scenes. Without a doubt, Next Door World is worth joining.


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