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Updated on: 01/31/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • This site stopped updating.
  • They removed two video formats, so there are only MP4s left.

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Tired of always seeing hot coeds fucked by naked guys? Are you a supporter of the World Wildlife Foundation and have always had sexual thoughts about the panda bear logo? Well, look no further than Panda Fuck where hot coeds fuck a dude wearing a big panda bear costume.

Yes, I'm serious, folks! Each PandaFuck scene features a dude (I assume it's a guy) in a panda bear costume getting it on with a gorgeous coed. The reason I can't be sure if it's a guy in the costume is because the fucking is all done with a strapon and not a real penis.

The 32 videos all play out like a silent movie - there's no talking. Well, obviously the panda doesn't talk, but the girls don't either. Instead they gesture with the panda in an effort to communicate. Most of the scenes follow the same scenario: A chick is on a couch reading a magazine. She eventually starts to masturbate, then takes a dildo and sticks it in the panda's crotch, so that she can suck and fuck the bear.

The scenes last about 30 minutes and there's a good amount of time spent leading up to action, often with the model looking right at the camera, or just beyond it, and getting her queues from the director. She also isn't always able to keep a straight face in the midst of having a huge panda bear right in front of her.

The dildo fucking is good and the chicks are damn hot. Also, there's usually a money shot in which the bear shoots a load of fake jizz for the babe to taste, or he might even leave it in her. Panda creampie anyone?

Each of the 32 photo sets is offered as a Zip download and the pics are high-res. The videos come with various MP4 download options depending on the device and/or operating system you're using. You can also just go ahead and stream them in an embedded Flash player. The videos are in HD.

The collection isn't dated, but it hasn't gotten any bigger in more than a year now. To go along with your membership you get access to non-Panda-sex bonus sites that are a part of the WTF Pass network, including Public Sex Adventures

Sure, Panda Fuck isn't all that big. It is, however, a very original site and the bonus sites may help you overlook the lack of updating.

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  • Comment by: Menero

    Score: 70% Date: 02/23/2015

    Panda Fuck is one of these "worth one or two months" Sites. The navigation is great and the Content is original. The download servers are also pretty fast and the Biller (in my case CCBill) worked great. For some reasons there are n updates anymore.
    If you are searching something hot but still funny this is your site.