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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Personally, Self Desire is a slightly odd name for a porn site and it's not because of any self-loathing on my part. It's just that people coming (or cumming) to the site aren't going to desire themselves, but rather the girls on their screen. I guess the chicks playing with their pussies arguably desire themselves, but the way they stare directly into the camera, they seem to desire our attention more.

SelfDesire has some really hot scenes with cute girls teasing their viewers and pleasing themselves. Unfortunately, what you see on the site now may be all you ever get, because the website hasn't updated in a long time. Its most recent scene was posted in March 2012.

There are only 30 videos to be had, but on the bright side it turns out that most come in Full HD. Most of the time the superior option is going to be an MP4, but for some of the older scenes, you'll find a Windows Media format is the best from among several options. You can download the 30 photo sets in Zip files and they have large crisp images to enjoy for the most part.

Now, some of our male readers might want to make sure that they're very secure in their manhood before watching these flicks. Otherwise, they might question their prowess when it comes to pleasing the ladies, because these chicks seem to be able to get themselves off a lot quicker without an actual dick being involved. The longest two flicks are just over 10 minutes, but most fall in the 8-minute range.

Luckily, you get access to the content from the other Team Skeet sites. There are 18 more for you to check out, including Her Freshman Year, Oye Loca, POV Life, Solo Interviews and The Real Workout. They definitely help flesh out your membership and provide you with a lot more porn.

Overall, Self Desire is big enough to deserve a look, but not big enough on its own to keep you around. The extra sites mentioned above might get you to stick with the website for a while, though, especially because one of them offers similar content.

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  • Comment by: Bob

    Score: 50% Date: 04/06/2013

    I completely agree with the review written. I wanted to add in my experience with the limited trial. It's can be summed up in a single word: limited. The only thing you're getting is 1 full scene. After you press play on one scene, you're done. There are also no previews or anything for any other scenes. Hell, even the tour for the site let's you watch trailers for each scene. It also had picture sets that are not available for trial members. It does let you view what each scene looks like for all the sites, but the tours for the sites already let you do that. My conclusion? Even if it's only a $1, it's a waste of money.

    After looking through the scenes, I'd say the full membership is not worth it either if your main interest is this site. There have been ZERO new scenes since your review was written. Still 30 scenes. But if you're interested in any of the other Team Skeet sites, there has been a new scene every day on one of their other sites. So to echo my opening statement, I still agree with your review that Self Desire is too small on its own but getting access to all its sister sites makes it a decent purchase.