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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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A lot of schools have done away with fraternities that practice hazing rituals. Heterosexual males (after one too many beers from the keg) apparently enjoy dominating their peers by calling them queers and making them do all kinds of kinky gay things. Although that can be quite traumatizing, on Haze Him Mobile no one seems to be anything but a willing participant.

It might be partly because although they claim that all the scenes are submitted by random amateurs, given their quality (even if they've tried to make them seem homemade), I'm pretty sure they are staged. I also find that although they try to make it sound like most of the boys are straight or merely bicurious, it's quite clear that many have experimented enough to know that they're gay. Some of them aren't even shy about a camera catching it all.

There hasn't been anything added to the collection since June 2012, but with 77 videos, it at least provides you with a decent amount of content. The vids look excellent. Granted, they do try to make them look like they've been shot on the fly, so you'll see some footage that appears to have been captured on a camera phone. There aren't any photos.

Even if this collection isn't growing anymore, I must admit that I really liked the silly dares, the naked young dudes, the cock sucking and the anal sex. I did manage to fool around with a guy in my university dorm, but it was just a one-on-one thing, whereas these scenes often show group action, like a crowd of pledges going down on a line of jocks.

The design of the site is nice, but I did have an issue with the way in which you're forced to browse it. You don't have the ability to jump to a specific page or even to the last page and work your way backward. All you can do is tap your way from one page to the next. You can't save your favorites, so getting back to that hot hazing scene you liked can be a bit of pain. At least you can sort the scenes based on how new they are or how highly they've been rated.

Haze Him Mobile has a decent amount of high-quality videos and is worth joining if you like the theme of the site. However, the lack of updates and bonuses means your visit won't last too long.

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