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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Ahh, the ever elusive, yet highly sought after, mother-daughter threesome. Just like the twin-sister threesome, the mom-daughter duo is one of the biggest sexual goals for many men. I will admit that I have yet to check this one off my sex-bucket list, but that is where the porn fantasy of I Fucked You And Your Mom comes into play.

Are these chicks really mother and daughter? Highly unlikely. But at least the casting agent managed to find MILFs and coeds who look enough alike that they could possibly be related. And then there is all that great porn acting that really drives the point home (I'm being sarcastic if you couldn't tell).

The scenes are scripted and involve a stepfather or boyfriend getting very, very lucky. Sometimes one of the female participants is a little hesitant at first, but it doesn't take long for them to all be in! There are 65 videos to stream and download and 52 sets of high-res pictures.

All the vids offer clips, but some of the newer ones also provide a full-length option and multiple download formats. It looks like you can expect average-quality playback from a good percentage of the movies, but you'll find a bunch that are good in quality.

Since you could be waiting a while for the next update due to the fact that they occur on an infrequent basis (the most recent one was posted back in April 2014), it is good to know that your membership includes access to more than 60 other sites from the Filth Freaks network, including Brick House Butts and Phat Booty Hoes. Some are small and not updating, but overall there is a lot of extra porn to browse.

I Fucked You And Your Mom does a good job with the fantasy (even if the performers aren't really moms and daughters), but the website isn't huge and it has a bad habit of going long periods without updating. Despite its problems, you might want to give the site a look if its concept appeals to you.

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  • Comment by: John

    Score: 70% Date: 05/06/2012

    I joined this site this afternoon. Cons: The site is dated, perhaps the mid noughties, and I don't think it is updating. There is a technical hitch with the slideshows (it can still be used, but is like a runaway steam train - hard to stop). The one or two videos I saw were of poor quality, but were nevertheless watchable. Pros: 42 episodes, and the content is hot! Some of the actresses may not be mothers and daughters, but most seem to be. Mostly amateurs, so you will see faces and cunts you haven't seen before.

    Contains mostly negro and Brazilian women, with some caucasions. Despite the site not being particularly modern, it still has plenty of good content. Better value if you can get a discount, as I did, through one of the porn review sites. Mother and daughter sites are a rare breed. If you are into this genre, I would highly recommend it.