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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Generally, when you get to bang a chick up the ass, she wants you to go easy and slow at first. Then, once she is used to it, maybe she will allow you to pound away at her butthole. Well, on Brutal Anal Sex there is none of that taking-it-easy stuff. These chicks get a hard pounding right off the bat.

Besides the use of brown bubble letters for the "anal sex" in BrutalAnalSex, the site design is okay and so is the navigation. There are three main areas of the site - one photo and two video ones. Let us begin with the video sections.

I'm not sure why they split the vids into two areas. Since everything is nonexclusive it would make sense to put it all in one place. But it doesn't really matter. What matters is the fact that you get 146 vids to download. There is no streaming option and most of the movies only come in parts (a few have a full-length option).

There are no images representing the parts, so you can't be sure of exactly what action is in the scene you are getting when you download a clip. I guess navigation does have some issues after all. The other issue would be the average quality of the vids. There are 25 medium-res photo sets as well. At least the brutal anal banging is just that. There are plenty of DP scenes and some nice gaping.

As far as growth goes, nothing is dated so all I can do is assume weekly updating for now. Although they do mention that the bonus movie and picture section is updated weekly, but put no such notice on the main sections, which doesn't lead to much confidence on my part that they are getting any bigger.

You will find more butt banging among the nine extra feed sites and the nine bonus sites, including Extreme Kream and Anal Dildo Lesbians. These bonuses add some value and there is a decent amount of brutal ass fucking, but the fact that the collection is nonexclusive and average in quality doesn't allow for a strong recommendation.


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