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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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First, I want to tell you that altough the sitename is Slipper Spanking, don't expect to see any fuzzy slippers shaped like pigs or monster claws. The slippers used for the spanking here are nowhere near as soft or cuddly. In fact, they usually have wooden or plastic soles and are always being smacked against a man's bum. This site follows a couple and documents "real domestic discipline." David is the one who keeps stepping out of line and Laura must set him straight with a little corporal punishment.

Navigating SlipperSpanking is super simple as once you login, as you have all the scenes on one page. Right now there are 17 videos, but no photos. The videos only last a couple of minutes each and hubby's bum is usually spanked with his wife's hand, slipper, wooden spoon or belt. The dialogue isn't in English, so you'll have to rely on the short descriptions to help you understand why he is being punished. Sometimes it is because he is caught masturbating and sometimes it is because the garden hasn't been cleaned.

All the movies are available in Windows Media format and bring you great-quality playback. You never see their faces. Either both are kept out of frame and the camera is always firmly focused on his backside or they wear masks or pantyhose on their heads. Submissive David doesn't just get his cheeks pummeled, but he gets his ass plugged with a dildo in one scene and his "nurse" takes his temperature anally and he receives a suppository in another.

The sound of the slipper/belt/wooden spoon striking David's buttocks is quite piercing. Laura doesn't take it easy and you can tell he will be a little black and blue the next day. Sometimes when he can't take the sting, he puts his hands over his butt, but she keeps swinging away and smacking his hands away. There is also a video where she models three different kinds of wooden-soled shoes.

The last update was recent, but none of the other content is dated, so I'll assume that updates arrive once a week for the moment. With such a small library of spanking porn and no extras, it's tough to recommend joining right now. The monthly price is pretty competitive, though, so give Slipper Spanking some time to grow and it could be worth it in the future.

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