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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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The dudes on Broke Latino Guys are putting the "hard" into hard economic times. I sure wouldn't mind if they were occupying my pants rather than the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. I could definitely give them some employment along the lines of a handjob or blowjob. Otherwise I could help them by literally screwing them up the ass to symbolize how we're all getting screwed by the mighty 1%.

Technically, the term Latino refers to Spanish-speaking people from Mexico and Central and South America. On BrokeLatinoGuys, though, they've definitely added a few Brazilians into the mix. I'm certainly not complaining, though. There's nothing wrong with seeing a strong, sexy man from Brazil short on cash, but long on hard cock, trying to earn a buck by sucking and fucking.

The most recent movie was posted back in May 2013, so it's been a while since we last got a new one. There are currently 44 videos on the site and they can be streamed online and downloaded in MP4 files. The best vids offer good-quality playback. Most of them come with a set of vid caps and there's one photo set in the "photos" section. The rest come from some other sites in the network. You can download them in Zip files and doing so is the only way to get high-res versions.

My favorite video shows Miquel fucking a young, hairless thug named Hugo Lopez in a public restroom. Normally my fear of germs would not make sitting on a urinal as if it was a chair appealing. Still, if I had a hot stud like Hugo riding my cock, I'd sit anywhere. Both dudes deliver serious loads: Hugo creates a slippery hazard on the floor, while Miquel paints the other dude's face.

You get access to the various sites that make up the Latino Gay Pass network, like Arabian Dicks, Brazilian Dicks and Raw In Brazil. Checking them out will give you something to do while you wait for this site's broke Latinos to get back to shooting new scenes for us.

Overall, I'm willing to give Broke Latino Guys a helping hand by buying what they're selling. The site really needs to start posting new videos again, but it's got enough to last you for a little while at least.

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