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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Alpha Males Mobile

Personally, a typical alpha male rubs me the wrong way. They're usually the men who do even more macho posturing than your usual drag king and they often try to bully the guys around them while being sexist toward women. Maybe that's why a site like Alpha Male Fuckers Mobile holds such appeal to so many of us.

We like to imagine that rough and gruff dude who intimidates us a bit, but secretly likes to take or give it up the butt. However, AlphaMaleFuckersMobile simply illustrates the point that I've always tried to make about two dudes having sex regardless of their sexual orientation: Nothing is more the epitome of the ultimate experience of masculinity than two males sharing an intimate encounter.

They add a new scene once a week and there are already 195 videos that look good on a mobile device. You can also check out about 355 set of high-res photos and even though they'd clearly be too large for the display on many portable devices, You don't have to worry, because they're programmed to appear automatically resized to fit a smaller screen.

There are so many scenes I love, because I really don't care whether he's gay or simply gay for pay. Still, I like when there are loads of diverse performers who have manly appeal. I don't just mean muscles and big cocks like the tattooed jocks bring us, but also older hunks with hairy chests, piercings and facial hair. There are 160 models all told, so there's someone for everyone.

One memorable scene shows a tropical foursome around the base of a palm tree. First of all, even if some people don't appreciate Speedos, I do, so I love that three of the studs are wearing these tiny banana hammocks. Seeing these four muscular studs sucking and fucking is awe-inspiring porn indeed.

The cost is similar to many standard sites on the market, but many mobile sites are actually less expensive than their non-mobile versions. Ideally, they could add some bonus sites. Still, the content here is exclusive and the quality is certainly high enough to make joining appealing. Alpha Male Fuckers Mobile garners my recommendation.

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