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Updated on: 07/10/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • The site hasn't changed at all and remains too small to be worth your time.

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One of my friends from way back in the day used to celebrate her birthday in the summer even though she was born in the winter. This allowed her to have awesome parties outdoors. During one we had a massive water-gun fight under the sun. Party Squirt reminds me of that great day, but in name only. You won't see brats running around with Super Soakers, but you will see hot babes squirting all over the place.

Before we go any further let me first point out that PartySquirt is not a big site. As such, we have to ask ourselves, "Does the website give us enough bang for our buck?" I could give you the answer right now, but then this review would be a little short. So rather than just abruptly end things right here, let me provide you with a little more information.

It looks like there are a mere 10 videos, but things are actually worse than they first appear, because one of them is actually broken up into two parts. That means there are only 9 movies in all. It's really a shame, but you can at least take comfort in knowing that the flicks offer good-quality playback and can be downloaded in Windows Media files.

The videos are brought to you by a cutie named Zuzinka. She organizes the "parties" and films them while lucky guys fool around with one or more babes. The fooling around involves pussy licking, fingering, toy play and blowjobs. There's squirting as well, of course, but the female ejaculation doesn't quite feel like the focal point and you could definitely argue that it should.

There are no photo sets or extras. Another thing this website lacks is growth. Nothing is dated, but I did some research and it seems that the number of movies hasn't changed in a long time. All this adds up to mean that your enjoyment is totally reliant on the very few you have at your disposal.

The scenes are sexy and the action is hot, but Party Squirt doesn't deliver nearly enough content to make getting a membership worthwhile. It'll need to experience significant growth in order to become worthy of your time and money.

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