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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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I often complain that I don't have enough room for my movie collection. It's not even that big, but I just don't have any space. It's a good thing I review porn for a living, because if I had a regular nine to five, then I'd have to supplement all that porn viewing by buying even more DVDs. If you've already run into the problem I would have had, then pay close attention, friends! X Mobile Pass not only makes that problem redundant, it also lets you take your porn on the go.

XMobilePass is home to thousands of scenes for you to diddle yourselves to and they've all been encoded into files meant for the smaller screens of your mobile device. Even the interface fits the screen perfectly and is neither too heavy nor too light on the amount of scrolling you have to do. In fact, I was actually quite impressed by how easy it was to surf the site on my iPhone.

You can browse by scene, DVD, category and pornstar, and at the bottom of every page they even include a link that lets you search by production house. As these are nonexclusive DVDs, however, there are tons of duplicate scenes of varying quality. For example, if you look at Ava Devine's vids, you'll spot a good dozen repeated movies under different DVD titles, many of which look better than others, despite being identical.

What impressed me is the way they took the time to help you get around this. If you browse the "scenes" section, you will only find the highest-quality version of each vid, meaning you don't have to surf through a sea of duplicates. This also tells us that you get 10,277 movies. They're all available in their full length and in a series of clips.

You may have noticed that the number I quoted is much lower than the "50,000+ HD scenes" that they advertise. I believe their figure comes from counting all of the originals and duplicates together. Meanwhile, the HD status is flat-out wrong (my guess being that they're HD videos prior to being converted to mobile-friendly files). However, the majority of the vids look pretty good.

The quality dips now and then, but as long you stick with the MP4s, you'll never be disappointed. There are also 3GP files, but they're never as impressive and often don't even take up the entirety of your small screens. Aside from the preview images for each scene and the pornstar's profile pic, there aren't any photos.

Your membership doesn't come with any extras. However, based on how much content has been added since our initial review, it looks like you get about 70 movies a month (assuming it updates on a regular schedule). Even in spite of these facts, any lover of porn DVDs will want to check out X Mobile Pass. The quality is sweet enough and you get a good variety of lesbian, hardcore and softcore action to enjoy.

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