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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I don't know what the Czechs put in their water to make their women look so damn beautiful, but whatever it is, it sure works wonders. If I ever figure out what they're using I'll be sure to buy a lot of it and dump it in my local reservoir. That way I'll be able to walk around town and ogle babes who look like chicks on Czech websites. For now, though, I'll have to be satisfied with walking around town looking at Czech chicks on sites like Czech Mobile.

You can enjoy CzechMobile on your home computer, but the site is really meant to be browsed on a mobile device. There are over 30 pages of videos to look through and there are usually 10 to a page, so you can make your way through the pages one by one if you want, but you might be better off taking advantage of the fact that the vids all have tags attached to them. You can use these tags to locate scenes that depict exactly what you're looking for.

"Big natural tits," "fucking," "gagging," "masturbation," "stockings" and "threesomes" are just some of the many tags that you'll find associated with the 303 videos. These flicks tend to be pretty hardcore and pretty freakin' hot, so just be careful where you watch them because they might inspire you to masturbate on the spot and you've got to be careful about where you do that.

The vids look pretty good when viewed on the small screens of mobile devices and they come in MP4 format. Though there aren't any photo sets, a large preview image and several smaller screenshots are made available to you for each movie, so you can get a pretty good idea of what any given video is about before you get comfy to watch it. If any of the films appeal to you in particular, you can save them as "favorites" and locate them much quicker the next time you visit the website.

The content isn't exclusive and that might be a turn-off to some. Another unfortunate thing about the website is that it doesn't make clear how often it updates. Nothing is dated and there's nothing like a log of updates to give you a sense of how often you can expect to get new material.

All in all, though, Czech Mobile is a good website and one that you'll want to visit the next time that you're out and about thinking of Czech chicks. A few things could be improved, but you won't be disappointed with a membership unless you can't bring yourself to look past the lack of exclusive content. 

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