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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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There's regular gay and then there's Italian Gay! And I must say that the handsome hunks of Italy sure make my rigatoni rigid rather than merely al-dente! I can almost picture my coworker Chris kissing his fingers like a chef does. He normally does it after describing some delicious dish his girlfriend made him. I'm tempted to do the same gesture in response to some of the fine Italian sausage the dudes on this site serve up on screen (some of whom I wish were my boyfriends).

I'll admit that there is a sleazy appeal to the stereotypical "Jersey Shore" type guy. Hell, with those pumped-up bods, glistening fake tans and excessive hair gel, you'd almost expect these greasy assholes to come pre-lubed. The boys on ItalianGay are more old country though. They tend to have classical good looks and lean, chiseled physiques, not bloated-looking muscles. They exude true masculine appeal, not just the macho bravado of 'roid-fueled bar-brawling fist pumpers.

Actually one of my favorite scenes from among the 31 great-quality videos does happen in a club. However, although tensions are running high, it's not because of any drunken fights over girls. No, instead these studs end up being lovers not fighters in this orgiastic discotheque scene. I guess they've taken inspiration from their Ancient Roman overindulging on cock and tight ass, but always leaving room for more of it.

You can also check out 16 photo sets and I really only have one minor complaint. You can see the full-sized versions of the pics online, but you always have to download them in their Zip files before you can appreciate them in all their fine grandeur. These men have some lean and athletic bods and thick, juicy rods that make them almost as perfect as the ancient gods.

You get two bonus sites: Andrea Nobili Girls and Andrea Nobili Productions. They won't necessarily appeal to everyone who digs this site's all-male action though, because the first site is straight and the second shows transsexual action. However, they do at least let you ogle a few more magnificent Italian males, as long as the tits and pussies aren't too distracting. All in all, Italian Gay currently has enough to occupy you for a month and updates twice a week.

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