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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Part of my family lives in a rural area where there are lots of Dutch immigrants and their descendents, so I've definitely had a few Dutch Fantasies while visiting them. However, you'll have really hit the mother load when you check out this collection of porn shot with amateurs. They live out fantasies that are far dirtier than the thoughts that usually spring to mind when I spy someone Dutch while visiting relatives.

For one thing, usually when I see a Dutch chick I might picture her sucking or riding my dick, but I don't generally imagine another dude being there too. DutchFantasies does, of course, have lots of couples, but it also has quite a few threesomes. One thing I appreciate is that even if the women are super-hot, you're not going to feel as if you're watching a bunch of European pornstars. The men are also just your everyday Johans.

No dates appear on the content, but the site hasn't grown since at least October 2011. You'll find 74 videos to download in Windows Media format and they tend to offer average-quality playback, though I did come across some good-quality flicks as well. You can also check out some high-res pics (or at least very high-quality shots) in 74 photo galleries. There are no Zip files, though.

Now, when I think of Dutch women, I sort of have a narrow idea in my mind. I generally notice the ones who are tall, blonde and blue-eyed, but like all populations, there's plenty of diversity. You'll see loads of brunettes and some redheads. Breast sizes vary, all the babes tend to be young and some are slimmer than others.

You get a lot of bonus sites from the Porn Nerd Network, including Eros Exotica, Bollywood Nudes, Amazing Cleo and Jessi And James. There are supposed to be video feeds to check out as well, but I didn't see any this time around. Of course, you don't want to join a site based on its extra content alone. Unless you're dying to see people from this specific region have sex, the quality might be a bit too low to get you to sign up. And the lack of updates doesn't help things either.

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