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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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My last BF often used to complain that my equipment was a bit too ample to store in his rather tight accommodations. No matter how many times we did it, he seemed to walk funny after, but that was partly due to the size of his hole rather than of my pole. When you see what kind of meat the brothas on Its Gonna Hurt Mobile are packing, you'll realize that if the boys they do are a bit intimidated it's not due to their inability to relax, which was mostly the case with my ex.

I'm sure some of it has to be a question of camera angles, but even taking that into consideration the cocks on ItsGonnaHurtMobile look like fierce beasts that could really stretch an ass out hardcore. There's a dude named Castro, for example, whose mammoth monster in some shots looks to reach down to about his knee. It also has a bit of a mean hook, so you're going to definitely feel that bad boy while it's poking your prostate, no matter what.

You can see it all unfold in 134 excellent-looking videos. It's easy to find all the flicks and the design is pretty good overall, but there are issues with navigation. The main issue is that you're forced to work your way through the content by going one page at a time. You can't jump to a specific page, so all you can do is move from one page to the next. There aren't any pictures to be had.

As for the action, the interracial banging is intense whether you're seeing some tight young twink ass getting drilled by one or two of these bad boys or a more mature white dude getting fucked by a hung black dude or a duo of well-endowed hunks. Whether they do an average-looking man or a muscular jock, the ebony cocks always seem to dwarf the ones on the white guys. Granted, they often show their flaccid members beside the swollen black ones, so perspective is part of why they look so huge.

While the amount of content available is pretty good, I was disappointed to discover that that there hasn't been anything added to the website since 2012. However, there is enough available already for me to give Its Gonna Hurt Mobile a recommendation.

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