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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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You might remember a few years back that there was a Cash For Clunkers program wherein you took in your old car and got the best price possible toward a newer vehicle. So you might be thinking that Cash For Chunkers would allow you to trade in the fat lady in your life and get money toward a skinnier model. That isn't the case though. And for anyone interested in this site, that wouldn't be what they wanted anyway.

We like ladies with some extra meat on their bones, so trading them in would defeat the purpose of large-lady loving. CashForChunkers propose is to take chubby babes and BBWs and pay them for every pound they lose - and in these scenes, their exercise consists of sucking and fucking the guy who's telling them about the program.

In case you were wondering, this isn't a real government program. (Sorry big girls and all the guys who wanted to go out promoting it.) These are scripted episodes where the camera isn't noticed or mentioned as the players go about their pick-up-and-fuck business.

There are 31 episodes and they come with good-looking pictures and a video that you can stream in Flash as well as download in a few formats, including an HD one. These girls range from a little chunky to downright large and they all have the big tits and fat asses to prove it. The scenes always seem to end with cum-eating money shots, so I guess it's true that cum is healthy (tell your girlfriends, guys).

The site looks good and is easy to navigate, but they haven't updated since December 2012. Besides the main content you get access to the rest of the "channels" in the Lethal Hardcore network, as well as other networks like Mega Site Pass and Teen Girls.

Obviously, more main content is required before Cash For Chunkers will be worth it on its own. However, with all the extras and the low price it could still be worth checking out.


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